Program Long Path Tool

What is Long Path Tool?

Are you experiencing constant error message like destination path too long, file cannot be deleted or error copying file? Well, worry not as a new path tool has been invented to solve your problems. Long Path tool is an exclusive program through which the path of a computer’s important files or directory are properly managed. It has multiple benefits for one to experience. The tools helps when one is having problems in deleting, copying or renaming files that are considered ‘file too long’ by the computer. Moreover, it assists when one accidentally deletes or wrongly locates a file. Such problems should be fixed to ensure one has the best accessing system to deliver proper results. Actually, a path too long error will appear when the path name is more than 256 characters. Using the inventive long path tool will ensure proper handling of path names despite the length of characters.

List of errors encountered that can be resolved by long path tool:

  • The path is too long
  • Unable to delete file: unable to read from disk or source file
  • Access is denied: unable to delete file
  • A sharing violation
  • The source file or destination file seems to be in use
  • Cannot delete folder or file:  The specified file name is too long.  Specify another short file name.\
  • Error in deleting a folder or file
  • The file or folder is currently in use by another user or program
  • Please make sure that the disk is not write-protected or full and also that the file is not currently in use
  • Error in copying folder or file
  • Cannot remove a folder
  • The extension or file name is too long
  • The destination path is too long
  • The path is too deep
  • Could not find this item
  • The filename is not valid
  • Unable to access file
  • The path entered is too long.  Please enter a short path.
  • The file name is not found.  Please check spelling of the file name and verify that the file location is correct

Long Path Tool Features

  • The program is compatible with Mac OS and any windows operating systems even the old versions like windows 95
  • It has a detailed list of choices
  • Easy to find long file and folder names using the quick search feature
  • Able to shut down all applications that are using the file safely
  • After rebooting the machine, it ensures all files are safely deleted
  • It provides a list of all files whose path is more than 200 characters
  • It’s able to copy files with very long names

How to use Long Path Tool

First of all, one has to download the program online and install the settings to one’s computer. It is made available in trial version as well before purchasing for one to have a taste of its use. To manage any file, one has to click the icon which will direct the person to their files. At this point, one can delete or rename files without delays or error messages.

Who can Use LPT?

It can be used by both individuals and businesses with any operating systems. It takes an effective role played by windows explorer and far manager.

Benefits of Path Too Long software/program

  • Simple and easy to use. The software is straightforward and has no complicated instructions to follow. Anyone can use it with ease. No special skills or experience is required for one to completely understand its functions
  • Easy to install. One has to download it online and follow the simple steps towards its installation. It is made easy for anyone to access and use
  • Cost effective. It is inexpensive and has free offers for any upgrades. Therefore, anyone has a chance to experience its usefulness
  • Best utility to manage files. No more error messages when using the tool. It can easily identify the issue and resolve it instantly. Moreover, it gives a list of all files with more than 200 characters
  • It can manage filenames that are very long, that is, about 32,000 characters
  • It is able to unlock a file and change its properties

In conclusion, Long Path Tool delivers long-lasting solutions and best results for any individual to experience. Therefore, one should avoid the temporary solutions since the problems faced will be intensified with time. The tool has the best resolutions towards permanent error messages in one’s computers. Moreover, it can greatly assist business companies with big files to properly manage them with ease. The program is user friendly, therefore one is able to work effectively and stress free. Everyone needs a well-organized path for file management which can only be achieved with the use of the improvised Long Path Tool. Make the tool your choice and enjoy multiple solutions anytime as it’s fast and simple to use by anyone.

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6