Problems with long File/Path name errors? Long Path Tool may be your solution.

Problems with long File/Path name errors? Long Path Tool may be your solution.

In the early days of computing, file names and paths were severely limited, forcing users to invent cryptic filing systems in order to keep track of their data. This resulted in file names like ‘YE99IS1.DOC’, which wile it could be interpreted by its creator or by co-workers who were familiar with the system. But to outsiders, it was almost meaningless.

Worse, many times even the original owner of the file could not remember what the file name referenced a year or two after it was created.

But as operating systems evolved, this limit was expanded, allowing users to give meaningful names to files and folders. Now, ‘YE99IS1.DOC’ could become ‘1999 Year End Income Statement Part 1 Income from Retail Sales’. Cleary a more meaningful name.

With this new freedom, users were now able to create intuitive filing systems on their PCs and networks that actually helped people to find critical information.

The problem is, many resident tools for managing files and folders, including Windows Explorer and FAR Manager, still have a limit of 260 characters for the file name and path. And while this may seem like a lot to a casual PC user, bookkeepers, researchers, teachers and managers trying to create an easy to read filing system can exceed this limit with very little effort.

So what do you do?

You could go to a shorter and less meaningful naming convention, which would force your data into the 260 character confines of your operating system.

Or, you can find a tool that will let you manage your data using file names and paths that are meaningful to you, your coworkers and your clients.

That’s where Long File Tool comes in.

Long file tool is a simple to use program that can manage file path names up to the actual Windows naming limit of 32,000 characters. It is also less expensive than many of its more complex competitors.

Once downloaded, Long File Tool can take the place of the more limited file managers that you have been using, including Windows Explorer or the text based Far Manager file management tool. It can locate, copy, move, delete and rename your files without the annoying errors like ‘Destination Path Too Long’.

Long File Tool works on your PC and on your servers, and is compatible with all stand alone and server based Windows versions, including Windows 8 and Windows Server 2008.

Long File Tool works across network boundaries, allowing you to manage files on a mapped network drive from your PC.

Long File Tool has a sleek, easy to use interface which can list full path names up to 200 characters long. It is a compact program which will not cause problems on already overtaxed PCs and servers.  It is also able to detect and handle many file conflicts, including closing the application that is accessing the file that you want to work with. This is a big advantage in networked environments where documents and spreadsheets can be locked up by network users who forgot to close them.

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6