possibility to rename files that are 255 characters long

What is Long Path Tool?

As the name says, it is a tool that deals with files, folders that have a path that is too long. If you encountered many times errors like: “File Path too long” or a “File cannot be copied” or “Destination path too long” or “The filename or extension is too long”, then this program is the right solution for you. Now you can easily fix this error in a few very simple steps with Long Path Tool. You can use this program to have the the possibility to rename files that are 255 characters long!

But, this is not all that this program has to offer for you. It has a lot other features that can improve your daily file managing experience. There are a bunch of other errors that deal with file access. I am sure you have encountered these errors at least once: “Cannot read from source file or disk” or “Cannot delete file: Access is denied” and you Googled it and searched in forums for the solution to delete your file. Now you don’t have to do this anymore and you can save time by using Long Path Tool. This program uses a series of procedures to help you get rid of these errors, procedures like closing the handle, killing the process holding the file open, unloading the DLL that may have open the file handle etc.

Another very frequent error  occurs when you try to delete a file and you receive an error message which says that the file is in use. Some of these error messages are:  “The source or destination file may be in use” or “The file is in use by  another program or user” or “Make sure the disk is not full or write-protected and that the file is not currently in use”.  It is very annoying when you have to search which program uses the file you want to delete and sometimes you don’t even find it. But those times are over with Long Path Tool which comes into play by removing these errors using some of the methods that were already mentioned. Basically Long Path Tool does the job for you!  It is very helpful especially when you try to move a lot of data from one folder to another because when these errors appear you don’t have to cancel all the operation and search for the process that file uses. So, in this way you can also save a lot of time when managing your files!

All these functions are enclosed in a very user friendly interface which is meant to do your job easier by removing those errors that tend to appear always when we are in a hurry and we want to quickly move, copy, rename or delete a file.

As you can see, Long Path Tool saves you from a lot of trouble when dealing with files and folders. It is a fast, powerful, easy to use tool that has a large variety of functions from moving, copying and accessing files and folders to removing and granting permission for different operations we execute daily.

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6