Perfect solution for “destination path too long error windows 7”

When using a given OS, there are some drawbacks that you could encounter. Some of these involve the difficulty in manipulation of the file systems as concerns deletion, renaming or even by merely opening it up. “Destination path too long error windows 7” is one example of complexity that arises from the fact that there is limitation on the number of characters a file or folder name is supposed to have. Usually, the maximum path length that is well handled in windows 7 is 260 characters including the spaces in between.
Whereas you may not experience any hindrances in the creation of the file, you will definitely have problems when you wish to manipulate it in one way or the other. Hence, you will have problems deleting or viewing it at certain times. Once in a while you may rename the file and give it lesser characters but this may not always work. This therefore means that you need to look for a tool that will help you with the manipulation of affected files.

Moving the path to a destination that offers a shorter path may or may not work. This makes it important to have a reliable tool like Long Path Tool. With his, you will be able to perform pretty much any task as concerns the file. With the ability to handle file names with as much as 32,000 characters, you will do away with the inconvenience that confronts you when you cannot view, edit or even delete a file that has 260 characters in its name.
What’s more the Long Path Tool program is very easy to learn and use. You do not have to be an IT guru to be able to use it on our computer. By simply downloading it online, and saving the settings, you are good to go. When you open the program, you are presented with the file names spotting the number of characters in excess of 260. You will be able to carry out any task as relates to the manipulation of the files.

To be convinced of the ability that the tool has, you could try the free version which you also download to your computer. Of course you will find that you solve lots of the problems that come with a long file name. Moreover, you will get a lot of support in the form of free emails when you ascribe to the use of this software.
When you have the software, you will not need to waste any more time in trying to use a range of remedies that may have undependable outcomes. The fact that you get to download it online is also a convenient bet since you could save yourself a lot of time. The other strong point that this tool comes with is the fact that it will give you an easy time in the management of large files.
“Destination path too long error windows 7” will no longer be an inconvenience for you when you make use of this tool. You will achieve more control with the software.

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6