pathnames with more than 255 characters

Long Path Tool is an easy solution to overcome the never-ending problem of error messages regarding too long filename in computer systems. This tool deals with problems regarding unlocking, deleting, copying and renaming files in the system. Basically, most systems are unable to save, access or rename files with more than 255 characters. It shows an error message saying ‘path too long’, ‘too long path’, ‘destination path too long’ or ‘cannot delete file’. These kinds of errors occur frequently even in the latest Windows Explorer system or FAR. Long path tool has been invented to overcome these discrepancies efficiently.

About Long Path Tool

Filenames or pathnames with more than 255 characters cannot be copied, renamed or deleted in FAR, Windows Explorer and even older versions like Windows 95. Various error messages are displayed if one tries to copy/delete/rename such files. Some examples of error messages are path too long, file cannot be copied, there has been a sharing violation, cannot delete file, filename is not valid, destination path too long, error copying file, etc. The main trouble is that once the file is saved with a long path name, it cannot be renamed or accessed again. This leads to either do the work again or spend lots of time and money to recover the files.

Long path tool is a tool that resolves all such issues regarding long filenames. Now, it is not at all required to enter short path names for files because this tool can handle pathnames of up to 32000 characters. Long path tool can be downloaded easily with the help of internet. LPT should be downloaded from its website after logging in the internet. Using this tool does not require internet or any kind of trouble.

Almost all Windows OP can support LPT including Windows Me, 95, 98, 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, Windows NT, Windows Server 2012, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2000. After downloading the tool, an icon may be created in the desktop. Using LPT is very simple. All one has to do is open the icon while managing files with longer filenames. A window displaying all the files will appear where we can rename, delete, move or open files without any trouble of error messages.

Help at hand

Long path names have been a recurring and frustrating problem with many systems leading to stoppage of important tasks. The files become inaccessible due to long pathnames. Manual solutions to this problem are mostly error-prone and monotonous. Various software were launched to overcome this problem, however, those are difficult to use and expensive.

Long Path Tool is the easiest and cheapest method to tackle errors regarding long filenames. This is completely trouble-free and time-saving.


LPT not only helps in deleting or renaming files with long path names, but also helps with other errors like ‘cannot read from source file or disk’, ‘there has been a sharing violation’, etc. These errors are basically managing errors that can be efficiently managed with the help of LPT. LPT provides a smooth interface to work on and its internal limit is 32000 characters.

The primary functions of LPT include scanning long path folders, deletion of long path files, copying long path files, and renaming long path files. LPT can also delete locked files and files from mapped network folders. It can delete even after reboot and also helps in unloading locking process. It can exit application that uses the file. LPT is definitely helpful for all systems that use long file names. It manages all system errors efficiently.


LPT has various benefits in comparison to manual solutions and expensive software. Some are mentioned below:

  • It is completely trouble-free and easy to use. It has to be downloaded online. Thereafter, whenever files with long pathnames need to be managed, click the LPT icon.
  • No extra charges are required to download the application. LPT can be used offline.
  • It is time-saving and provides smooth interface to work on.
  • Provides a number of options and features.
  • Scans the long path folders very fast.
  • All Windows OP supports this application and no special system is required.
  • No files are lost in the process. It lists files with more than 200 characters.


Hence, it can be concluded that finally errors regarding long path names can now be easily sorted and solved by anyone and that too without any extra cost. Now, it is not at all required to deliberately enter short path names to manage files. Not only this, LPT also provides major benefits to manage files in the computer system. Managing system errors has never been this effortless. LPT is an easy, user-friendly and super-awesome application that makes work on the computer fast and uncomplicated.

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6