Path too long nightmare

Path too long

Usage of computer should not be a nightmare. The sensitive information that you had stored in your computer should be accessible to you at any point of time. If you are facing issues with your computer in resolving ‘path too long’ error messages, you should not worry about the same. The Long path tool is an application which will address all kinds of file related errors in an efficient manner. The file that you cannot access through windows explorer or FAR can be accessed through ‘long path tool’ without any difficulty. You can perform various file related operations as you can overcome the 255 character limit on filenames set by the operating system.

If you try to access a file whose name is beyond 255 characters, you might get an error message ‘path too long’ on the screen. Such kinds of error messages can be handled through long path tool so that you will not lose your productivity on the computer. As soon as you install the software in the computer, it will list all the files that are present in your computer. You will be able to find hidden files, files present in various drives and memory modules and files that are present in other networks as well.

The required operation on a file such as rename, move, copy and delete can be performed in an effortless manner. In addition to ‘path too long’ error messages, the software will be able to address various issues which include ‘the specified path is too long’, ‘destination path too long’, ‘error 1320’, ‘could not find this file’, ‘source path too long to delete’ and ‘error copying file or folder’. You will be able to fix all these issues in an effortless manner as all files will be listed on the interface as soon as you open the long path tool.

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6