“path too long”, “cannot delete file: access denied; cannot read from source file or disk”,” error deleting file or folder”

Long path tool software is the software you have been looking for! You might not have heard about it but you definitely will look for it after getting to know what it offers. Long tool path is file managing software used to manage files and folders that appear to have issues when renaming, editing or deleting due to a long file name. You probably have seen error messages such as “path too long”, “cannot delete file: access denied; cannot read from source file or disk”, ”error deleting file or folder”, “the file is in use by another r program” just to mention a few. This kind of error messages tend to be persistent and can be really annoying. Now you can avoid this error message by visiting www.longpathtool.com website and downloading the free trial software. The software is compatible with all versions of windows and should work just fine on any pc.
The long path tool software is user friendly and comes with a variety of functions. First, it will pretty much solve all your long path issues. All of which include deleting, copying, and renaming of long path files. Other functionalities include deleting system locked files, deleting files from mapped networked folders, listing file paths with more than 200 characters long, closing applications that are in use of the file, unloading locking process, and also deletion after reboot. The program was made to address the issue of deleting, renaming, unlocking, copying, and also renaming files that have more than 255 characters.
Installation process is nothing complicated. All you need to do is download the long path tool software and run it. Creating a desktop icon makes it easier to use the program. It requires the user to open the program and it instantly directs to a window where you can access all your files. You can then edit your files from here without worrying about any error messages. Long path tool also comes with the functionality to unlock files that are locked by other system process! It can even scan your computers drives for path too long files and folders. The simplicity of the software makes it ideal for use in both a work and personal computer environment. Do not buy software with the same capabilities as long path tool for so much money yet they come with the same or less functionality. Grab your free trial today while the free trial offer still stands.
Long path tool is also highly reviewed by most of its users and they recommend it to their friends for its ease of use and cost free advantage. It does not require special technical skills to operate and is not heavy software that will eat up most of your ram while running. You can now avoid those error messages that were so annoying which you could not do anything about. You need not worry about files and folders that previously gave you a headache because you could not edit nor save them! Just visit the long path tool website and grab your free trial today.

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6