Path name too long 0x80010135

What is Long Path Tool?

Almost all computer users encounter problems with copying, deleting, or renaming files with one of these messages like File name too long, unable to delete, Access denied or destination path too long. This happens because windows/FAR fails to copy, delete or rename is unable to work on path names which are longer than 256 characters. So while working on one or more files with longer file names you might get baffled by error messages that seem to be quiet incomprehensible.  If you too are encountering a similar problem and getting one of these error messages like: Path too long or Access denied then no need to panic we will help you in doing your task effortlessly. The Long Path Tool from Windows will help you to overcome this problem once and for all. The Long Path tool helps you by working on long file names with as many as 32,000 characters. The Long Path Tool is easy to use with a lot of options thus allowing you to work on files with long names for copying, editing, renaming or deletion. The Long Path Tool works with almost all versions of Windows like Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 2007 etc so there is no need for any specific version.

What can the Long Path Tool do?

The major problems which can be tackled by using  the Long Path Tool are:

  • Path Too Long Utility is a Windows tool for copying, renaming or deleting files and folders with path too long or filename too long error.
  • Aborting as the Path name is too long or the error code 80/1
  • Path name too long 0x80010135
  • Cannot delete file or folder
  • Unable to read from source file, file cannot be copied
  • Unable to delete file as access has been denied
  • Unable to share as there is a sharing violation

When to use the Long Path Tool?

When you are working with multiple files for copying, deleting or sharing then you may encounter one of the problems mentioned below then you can use the Long Path Tool and Open, delete, copy, share, or rename any file even the ones which were earlier giving error messages like:

  • Path is too long
  • Aborting ;encountered error code 80/1
  • Error 0x80010135 Path is too long
  • Error reading from source file or disk :File can’t be deleted /copied
  • Access denied unable to delete file
  • Sharing violation
  • The file/folder name specified it too long; change file name.
  • Specified file name is being used by another program or user
  • Check the disk ;it may be full or write protected or the file is currently being used
  • Destination path is too long
  • Invalid file name
  • Path is too deep
  • Path too long; installer is unable to modify path.
  • File Name could not be found. Check the spelling of the filename, and location may not be correct.

How to use The Long Path Tool?

The Long Path Tool from Windows is very easy to use firstly because of its compatibility with all versions of windows from the oldest like Windows 95 to Windows XP or Vista. All you need to do is download the Long Path Tool and follow instructions. An icon can be created on your desktop to easily access the Long Path Tool. Whenever you want to manage files with any of the below mentioned problem you just need to click the icon and you will be directed to a window where all your files are displayed there. Just select the file which you require and allow the Long Path Tool to work its magic.

Create an icon for the Long Path Tool on your desktop thus making it an easy to access tool. Each time you would like to manage files that have a long filename all you need to do is to click the icon and it will instantly direct you to a window that presents all your files. Now you can rename, delete, open and move your files instantly without worrying about error messages.

Effectiveness of the Long Path Tool

Struggling with problems of encountering tough situations too manage files with too long name it was felt that there should be an efficient solution to this serious problem. With the aim of developing   software for managing files with longer names Windows developed the Long Path Tool. The tool is rapidly gaining popularity and has become indispensible for users working with multiple files. The ease of availability and use play a major role in making the software well -liked by amateurs as well as professionals. Another reason that the software is a must have is that you receive free updates and free support even with the free trial version. The Long Path Tool provides an effective solution for easy management of files where source file name or the destination file names are too long. You can easily get rid of the serious complications encountered while working with file names longer than 255 characters easily and without wasting much time by using the Long Path Tool.

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6