Path name too long 0x80010135

Long path tool is a software used to rename or delete the respective file which shows Path too long, file name or extension is too long. Installing and usage of this tool is very much user friendly. If an user find himself in a situation in which a file he/she needs to delete may not be deleted by showing that the file is locked by some other program then LONG PATH TOOL is a boon for them. Most of the users are being benefited by downloading this tool. It is one of the smart ways of advanced file management system. The latest version of Windows Explorer too fails to handle files with long names or long path. This tool is a wonder which can rename, delete, copy and perform many such operations on files related to ‘destination path too long’, ‘cannot delete files’. Long Path Tool solves the below listed problems:

  • Path name too long 0x80010135
  • Aborting as the path name is too long or the error code 80/1.
  • Cannot delete file or folder
  • Unable to read from source file, file cannot be copied
  • Unable to delete file as access has been denied
  • Unable to share as there is a sharing violation.

Using the Long Path Tool:

Program provides you with an added advantage since it is compatible with oldest Windows 95 version to latest Windows Vista or Windows XP version. All you need to do when you need to deal with lengthy name is initially download this tool from official web site for this tool, to your system or laptop. After downloading extract from the zip file and in the desktop place an icon for this tool. Click on the icon and instantly you will be directed to a window which will present all files. Select the file which needs to be deleted, copied, moved or renamed and sit back to see the wonder of this tool. Even the path of the file you want to manage is unknown you can drag and drop it.


This tool has free trial version and Premium version. Trial version is like starter for the beginners since its function is limited only. You can upgrade to Premium version at any time since the functions are amazing as listed below:

  • Moving or deleting files located in long set of subfolders.
  • Deleting, renaming, moving and copying long name files instantly which can
  • Works with folders and paths too.
  • Files which are locked by Explorer or due to Program can also be closed.
  • Managing hidden files can also be done by making it visible.

One of the important features of this tool is that scheduling of file deletion can be done very easily. Yes even you can schedule the file which needs to be deleted to be done at the time of reboot also. In simple it is all in one solution for those who are waiting for things to happen within their reach since it works with almost all Windows versions.


Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6