Particulars about Long Path Tool Deals

The Long path tool is built to handle problems related to the long path file name. If the file name has more than 255 characters, operating systems will not permit the users to open, modify, or erase the files. Still, Long Path Tool can handle this particular problem effectively. To access the files using the long path tool is very easy. User needs to open the program to access the system files. After accessing the files, user can easily be able to modify any file.

Offers of Long Path Tool

This efficient tool comes up with three offers. It has been provided with home license, business license and business pro license. The prices are $44, $117, and $197 respectively. However, it is important to check the features of those before choosing anyone.

Home License Product

The home license is perfect for personal or non-business usage. User having home license can be able to scan his or her computer for long file names. Being an easy way to search system for long file names, this tool may easily delete the files with long path name. In addition, if the user wants to move the files with long pathname, he or she will be able to do it using the long path tool. Moreover, it is also possible to move the files with long path name by using long path tool. If the user needs bulk renaming of the files, he or she might experience problems. To solve this problem effectively, long path tool can prove to be very effective. It comes up with automatic bulk renaming while using personal or non-business usage. It will also be coming up with e-mail support.

Business License Product

The business license comes up with long path files sharing, deletion, copying, moving, automatic bulk renaming and 3 years free updates. In addition, the users will be provided with preservation of file attributes. If users face any difficulty, he or she can get online support while using the business license. In case of requiring heavy-duty performance, the user has to buy the business pro license. It will allow the user to copy file ownership as well as ALC. In addition, the user will get command line version of the tool. This particular offer has also come up with online chat support and email support. Fortunately, all of those offers are provided with 30 days money back guarantee. While using the program, you shall be able to upgrade to any offer by using the customer support.

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6