How using Long Path Tool can be helpful

                                  How using Long Path Tool can be helpful

LPT is a computer-based application designed to organize the files and folders used by the Windows users. This application can be used to rename, delete and copy the files and folders. It can be tested on a wide variety of platforms and works everywhere. It can delete many files with long path. (for example, thousand)

LPT is a Tool which fixes the error messages for too long path, too deep path, or too long Filename. It is simpler and smoother to use with your system and is secured. The user can delete the files and can maintain all the deleted files in recycle bin which can be retrieved anytime. It is impermeable and compact software aimed to remove blocked files. Long Path Tool is the best solution to the fact that people are experiencing during considerable activities at the use of a computer, connected to the file names.

How to get it:

It is easy to get the long path tool online. You can first check the trial version of Long Path Tool to test the adaptability of the program. It will take few seconds to download and run the program. You need to check whether the program is compatible with the windows OS on your computer. Compatibility is with windows 98 and above versions of windows. Once the program has been downloaded you can create a shortcut by adding a folder to your wall to perform the targeted task effectively. There are online websites which offer the tool for free as a trial version. You can easily get updates through email about the product and offers. This software is user-friendly and increases the resolution criteria of the user. Any kind of path or file problem can be determined through this effective software.

The Goal of LPT:

There were days when errors come up with renaming, file deletion, file transfer and you can do nothing but worry about the situation. Gradually, managing the files requires the number of folders and subfolders that need to be arranged in a particular manner. In such cases, the user faces the error message which says” File is too long” or “error 1320”. These types of errors occur due to a limitation in the capacity of only 255 characters which is defined by the operating system. You must be aware of spyware in case you are unable to delete the file from the system and you may get the error that the file is already in use. However, continuously getting the Flash messages can hamper to get the desired output in your task. So, Long Path Tool is used to fix and address the errors to organize and manage the files.

Long Path Tool saves your time with some preset goals.

1) LPT is used to unlock the folders that need to be arranged in a particular manner.

2) To read the files from the data source.

3) To re-title the files.

4) To remove the files that have been locked by the system.

5) Windows internal limit capacity support up to 32,000 characters.

LPT working:

The Long Path Tool simplifies the path name by removing the blocked folders which are not useful.  It shows the actual fact behind such files and unlocks the file in the end. This tool acts as a unique tool where once the files are deleted; you can recover the deleted files from the recycle bin.

Merits of LPT:

LPT is unique software that let you feasibly organize and manage files while performing a different task like renaming, deleting and copying it. It manages the files by analyzing the errors. is a website from where you can purchase the tool to organize and manage the files. You can get free updates and emails by online purchase or subscribe it. You do not need to have the technical knowledge to operate the LPT.

2) All the files, folders and subfolders can be searched within a fraction of seconds. The program runs very swiftly and is easy to handle.

3) It does not need to have special equipment or technical hardware tools. It can readily be available online and can be smoothly run on an older version of a computer. It can give you desired results with no restrictions or additional interface.

4) There is an error message which flashes on the screen and there can be multiple messages which add problems to a task. We can use the tool to navigate and delete the files in one click.

5) With windows file manager renaming is a difficult job. But with the advanced tool like Long Path Tool copying the files and renaming can be done effectively and readily.

6) You can acquire the locked files and solve the error related issues.

7) Rebooting will help you schedule the files that need to be deleted.

8) An Operating system like Windows does not provide any support for path errors. The errors can be resolved with some special tool or program which can interface with system settings and provide desired results.

9) With less technical knowledge and handy features, almost everyone can operate the software.

Fixation of errors:

With long path tool, you need to scroll down few clicks and delete the files and folders easily. The files which are too long and cannot be deleted and sent to the bin can be located and erased out. It can copy and rename the folders hassle-free. One more advantage of using Long Path Tool is that mapped network folders can also be erased out or deleted.

It can fix the path which has 200 characters or more than that. Errors like “Error 1320” can also be fixed. Some errors whose permission has been denied or which cannot read from the data source can be fixed within few minutes with the help of software Long Path Tool.

The file name should not exceed 260 characters otherwise errors can occur. However, these also can be fixed with LPT.

Many times Windows warns you about a long path and then you need to shorten the length or path. In such case, LPT is the ultimate tool.

Older versions of windows have lots of drawbacks in comparison with latest versions like 7, 8 and 10. In such case even if you are using the older version Long Path Tool is the answer to your problem.

With the newer version of windows, we have certain drawbacks or limitations with files and folder names and with the length of the path. But with the availability of Long Path Tool, the problem can resolve without any difficulty.

1) Error path too long:

It pops up on your window without any reason. It can happen because of the software complications or while extracting the folders and files. In order to get it removed just download Long Path Tool.

2) The Error cannot read or delete file:

You may find that the files are not being deleted and this message is flashing on the screen then Long Path Tool is the solution to it.

3) Error Copying folder or file.

Windows 7 and Windows 8 do not get this error message. This message is common with XP users.

4) Error file can’t be accessed.

When users deal with Microsoft office this error is displayed. But Long Path Tool provides you resolution.

Benefits of Long Path Tool program

Benefits of Long Path Tool

If you wish to delete the interrupted messages which flashes on the screen or pops out on the screen while executing some important task then Long Path Tool is the ultimate solution for it. It has multiple benefits and one of them is copying, renaming and deleting the files which cannot be deleted by any other Windows Operating System. It can be examined on a large scale and works swiftly.

It can delete many errors related to Long Path and fix it immediately with ease. It is highly secured with no malware. The deleted files can be regained anytime from the recycle bin. It can run on multiple hardware or operating systems. The blocked files can be discarded anytime. This tool is portable with all the necessary features placed in one place. With one scroll mouse click, you can get eradicate the files and folders.

How to use the LPT:

Long Path Tool can be used in the described steps below:

1) Log in windows as a guest or admin.

2) Run Long Path Tool as guest or admin.

3) Ensure the files and folders you want to delete or copy.

4) You need to set read only for the folders you want to delete or copy.

5) Right-click the folder you want to copy and select properties then security and next step are allowing permissions for your group listed below:

Full control, Read and execute, List folder contents, Read and write, special permissions.


Long Path tool is available online. You can download from the official website and test the program based on trial version. It takes few seconds to download the program. You need to check the compatibility with the windows. Long Path Tool is easily compatible with windows operating system and performs the designated task effectively. You can get the information through email.  This tool is user-friendly and determines any kind of errors related to path.

The Purpose of LPT:

In earlier days errors were flashing up with copying, deleting or renaming the folder. These messages added interruption in the activity being performed. Hence Long Path Tool was created to eradicate the interruption and errors related to Long Path.

It is used to unlock the blocked folders and is unique and different type file management concept. It can also read the files from the source and or rename the folders. It has been used to eradicate the files which have been locked. Its capacity is restricted to 32000 characters.

LPT uses:

Long Path tool simplifies the task of erasing out the files and blocked folders which are not really useful. It delivers the reason behind such files and unlocks the file ultimately. This is computer-based software tool which is quite different in its own features. It can recover and retrieve the files and folders which the recycle bin.

Pros of Long Path Tool:

1) Long Path tool enables copying, renaming the files or deleting the files at the drop of a hat. You don’t need to be expertise to know the know-how of the software Long Path Solution.

2) The concept and the program get executed faster within the estimated time. It is handy and quite easy to operate.

3) It is user-friendly with aspired results. It works with older version of operating systems so users with older version need not worry and set aback with Long Path Tool which is the most advanced version of deleting the files and other features.

4) It can be managed with no special equipment and no hardware equipment. The error messages which displays on the screen can be easily removed and deleted through Long Path Tool.

5) With windows, manager renaming is quite difficult. But with the help of Long Path tool, this problem of renaming the files and folders can be easily done.

6) You can access the files which are locked and solve the errors reflecting on the screen.

7) Rebooting helps in getting the files deleted.

8) Windows do not support and provide any support for errors related to the path. The errors can be rectified and eradicated swiftly with the software tool Long Path Tool.

9) It can be easily used and programmed by anyone. You do not need to have the technical knowledge or any other equipment to rectify the errors.

Fixing of errors:

With the help of long path tool, you need to click the mouse and fix the errors. You can delete the files and rename the folders without any interruption to your work. The folders which are mapped can be deleted accordingly. It can fix the words 200 characters which are long.

Errors like 1320, and errors whose access is denied or which are not readable can be fixed within seconds with the help of tool Long Path Tool.

Sometimes, windows give you or provide you with a message the length is too long or the path is too long. In such scenario, Long Path Tool is the best possible available software.

The name of the file should be limited to 260 characters or else error can occur which can interrupt the program in between. These errors can also be fixed with the help of Long Path Tool.

Older Operating system and newer version of the operating system have limitations with files and folder names and with the length. These drawbacks can be erased out and removed completely if we start using Long Path Tool.

1) The Error which Long Path:

It flashes on the windows screen unless we click the desired option. It can happen because of the software problems or up gradation of the older version or while extracting the folders. In order to remove this error, Long Path Tool has been designed.

2) The Error containing message “Cannot delete the file “

You may get the message while performing some important task. Imagine how frustrating it would be? However, Long Path Tool is designed for this special purpose.

3) The Error which is copying folder:

This error is common with Microsoft XP users and Windows 7 and Windows 8 users do not get this message.

4) An Error which is file cannot be accessed or retrieved:

Microsoft office users get this error message displayed on the screen. This tool helps you deal with this problem.

5) The Error which is cannot remove the folder.

Sometimes folders are stuck up and cannot be removed or deleted. With the guidance of Long Path Tool, this error completely vanishes.

6) The file is already in use:

Sometimes, an error like file is in use or is used by other operator comes. In such scenario, Long Path Tool emerges as a weapon to destroy all the malware and makes the system in the original phase of working.

7) Error Path deep.

Error Path deep can be removed by Long Path Tool.

All you need to do is download the Software or tool from the website available online. Downloading and similarly deleting is as easy as a pie.  You can subscribe the online free trial version and get the results instantly.

Long Path tool fixes the following errors:

Error 1320, Beshield to the system, Tablet, Laptop, and drive, correcting the Winrar error and character, Sharing malware, virus or violation.


260 characters limitation fix

LongPathTool program is the solution for a lot of your annoying everyday computer problems. Our software can easily delete folders which have a name too long and cannot be sent to recycle bin. It’s easier than ever. Just scroll to your folder location and delete it with a few mouse clicks.

LongPathTool can also rename or copy you long name folder or file to another location withou any problem. It has never been easier. With just a few clicks you can copy any folder to your desired location. Besides that, LongPathTool can delete files from mapped network folders.

Another useful feature is that it can list files and paths which have a file path more than 200 characters in length. Have you ever encountered the “Error 1320 the specified path is too long” and didn’t knew what to do about it? LongPathTool is the solution you need to fix your problem.

Practically every windows user has received the message that a file cannot be deleted because the access is denied or because it cannot read from source file or disk. LongPathTool will ensure that you can delete your files easier and without any problems. If the file is in use by another program or by another user, you can still delete it using LongPathTool.

If the file name is not valid or if the file name is considered too long for the destination folder even if the file name must not exceed 260 characters LongPathTool can handle with ease those problems too. Normally windows ask you to shorten the file name and try again but you don’t have to worry if you use LongPathTool.

Sometimes you need to use a very long path and windows warns you about that and requires that you have to shorten your path. Not anymore if you use LongPathTool.

Even if you use an old or a new computer LongPathTool is the solution for you. Especially with older computer and older versions of windows which have a lot of limitations in comparison with newer versions of windows like windows 7, 8 and 10.

Unfortunately, Microsoft has kept certain limitations about folder names length and file path length in the newer versions of windows like 7, 8 and 10, but LongPathTool can overcome all those limitations without any problem and using just a few mouse clicks.

Visit, download the program and give it a try. You won’t regret it for sure. Many users have downloaded the program and have used it successfully. We have put all our experience to create a very useful and easy to use program. Visit and convince yourself today.



What are the benefits of using Long Path Tool?

What are the benefits of using Long Path Tool?

Long path tool is a handy small application which can provide you perfect way to manage your files. Just like the name the application helps in dealing with long paths and works with folder names. Contrary to other application it is easy to use the application as there are no special requirements or chancre as required in settings. Program is perfect for everyone and does not require any special skills to produce results.

Windows does not provide you any support for dealing with long path errors. The problem cannot be solved without any special program. Long Path Tool is one such program which can take care of long paths. It will interfere with system settings and provide you accurate results.

Benefits of using the application

Long Path tool is different from other type of file management programs. There are many advantages of these programs for Windows users. Here are some of the top benefits of using the program:

  • Only few buttons at the bottom can carry out all the operations that are needed. The program is very easy and convenient to se and has a very good user interface.
  • Program works very quickly and all the files and folders can be searched in matter of seconds.
  • High quality performance is a very big part of the application. The wont be any errors while working and one can get all the process completed without any damage to the system.
  • Application doesn’t have any special hardware requirements. It an run smoothly on an old computer and provide you with desired results. There are no restrictions, or additional program needed. It is a very basic application which can run on any Windows OS.
  • When deleting files is not possible because of multiple error messages just use the tool to navigate and delete in one click.
  • Renaming and copying is very difficult with Windows file manager but Long Path Tool can do it with complete ease.
  • Long Path Tool can let you access the locked files. It can solve the error “There has been a sharing violation.” or “The file is used by other program.”
  • You can schedule when you want the files to be deleted. It can be done after rebooting.

These are some of the top benefits which can help you fight errors. If you are not sure about the working of the program then you can download a free trail and after using it upgrade it the premium version.

Long Path Tool software Review

Long Path Tool software Review

Do not worry if you want to remove the blocked files or too long path files from your system, here I suggest a smooth way. Use “Long path tool” software and keep yourself cool. It is simple and safer to use it with your system, USB or any other device. It works without any trace in the system and quite secured. The main window of the Long path tool is a unfussy window and multiple actions performed with simple one touch or minimal clicks. A direct access to the files and folder is an advantage with this software. We can view, open and use, or delete the file in a very quick time. The Long path tool with built in Search Engine software designed in such a way to scan the system, tablet, or laptop and get the results, which can export, to the plain text. The user will never forget to mention the advantage of Long path tool software, keeps all deleted files in recycle bin and can retrieve anytime we need.

Normally in Windows, the longest pathname may not exceed more than 256 characteristics and if exceeds, you may get error warnings. However, in Long path tool can detect more than 31,000 characters the maximum internal limit of windows software.

It is not like some other program; need to have some technical knowledge to download or to operate. It is very simple to download to any operating window system. The compatibility is very good and suits any operating system without any hindrance. One single window can manage all your files and folders are a different experience. An eye-catching design and user-friendly controls lead you to operate. You need to undergo for special software training to work with Long path tool software. You can start working with the single window, which can make you manage all files whatever may be the length of the pathname.

The long path tool software resolves all the difficulties, which many users faces without the software while they are working with different files. The supports and automatic updates keep your software for more user-friendly, quick and quality. The long path tool saves your time especially while using too long path names files and multiple operations in the system. The more effectiveness and quick solutions keep you smiling while working and increased your efficiency.

Long path tool software can fix these file errors:

  • File name, path, and or destination path too long
  • Delete the Error 1320 and make files read or delete
  • Files, which cannot copied, will be copied
  • Sharing violation
  • The files used by another user or program can be used without any issue
  • Full protection to system, Tablet, Laptop and External drive
  • Non-accessible files to accessible
  • Correcting the WinRAR error
  • Unlimited winRAR character
  • File name or total path characters exceeding more than 260 can accessed

You just open your laptop, download long path tool software, and forget all your worries on too long path files and its issues. Enjoy working in a smart way.

Long Path Tool software

Long Path Tool software

The Long path tool is a portable and a compact software that is used to delete the blocked and as well as long path files from your computer system by just moving these all files to the recycle bin folder.  This application is actually designed while keeping a single aim in mind that to get rid of the long path files and the blocked files from the computer. As it is a portable ty pe program so it here likely to be more important to mention that it never leaves any kinds of traces in the system of windows registry. You can easily copy it on  your any USB flash drive or may be and other device that you have and as well as you can also take  it anywhere where you want to scan your system computer for the long path files and also to delete them when it requires.

The main window in the long path tool software is the minimalist window that actually allows users to perform wide types of action with only just a few types of clicks. You will easily have the direct access to the folders and files that are actually stored in your computer or laptop. In addition to this you can also easily search or maybe browse for the files and can delete them whenever you actually requires to do so. Moreover the long path tool software also provides you a powerful and efficient type of built in search engine software which is able to easily scan your whole computer and can display the paths quickly and efficiently with the bigger name lengths then a one specified value. The result that is generated can be easily exported to the plain text with the help of long path tool software. Furthermore, you can also simply delete, copy or delete the selected files to another directory of your choice that you actually want.

As well as the other important feature of the long path tool is worth mentioning that it doesn’t actually delete the files permanently from your personal computer, as because it moves all files to the recycle bin and by the help of this way if you delete all important files you can easily retrieve them whenever you actually want them.

256 characters long fix

Long Path Tool

Long Path Tool is a program, which solves consumers’ problems, connected to the fact that Windows has limits concerning the length of the pathname.

The longest pathname, that can be copied, deleted or renamed by Windows, in 256 characters long. If the pathname is any longer than that, you would probably experience the PATH TOO LONG error. This difficulty should not bother you anymore, as the Long Path Tool program is specially designed to deal with the pathnames, regardless their names. Even the pathnames, that include 32,000 characters (which is the internal limit of Windows), can be handled by this program.

There is a number or problems, which are connected to the fact that a pathname is too long. The errors, displayed in such cases, include the words LONG PATH and the specific details about this exact problem. The case, in which you might have a difficulty, can be the process of unlocking, deleting, renaming, copying or managing the files with a too long pathname. But all of these problems will be solved with one stroke, if you apply the Long Path Tool program on these files, and continue working with them afterwards.

In order to start using the program, which is going to solve so many problems, you just need to download and install it – the actions that are performed quite easily, and don’t have any need of special technical knowledge. The LPT of the Long Path Tool is reconcilable with any single Windows OS, so you won’t face a problem, concerning its compatibility. The process of manipulating with the program is quite simple too. After opening the Long Path Tool, you will be able to manage all your files in a single window. The design is attractive to eye, the controls are easily defined, so your experience has to be comfortable. The easiness of performing the required actions, the lack of any specific system necessities, and the effective result are sufficient guarantors for you flawless satisfaction with the program. All you have to do while working with it, is managing your files through one window, and solving your problems, connected to too long pathnames, with efficient speed.

The Long Path Tool is the adequate answer to the fact that many people are experiencing considerable difficulties during their various activities at the computer, connected to the excessive length of the pathnames of different files. In addition to dealing with these difficulties, the program also provides its users with pleasant bonuses, including support and updates, with no payment, and while they are still using the free trial version. Moreover, new information about the updates of the Long Path Tool and the other programs can the sent on emails.

The most important about the Long Path Tool is, however, the fact that it can save a lot of time and effort, while working with files that frequently have names too long for Windows. The program provides its consumers with easy, time-saving, effective and quick solution, that will make the problems in managing files with long pathnames be solved once and for all.

no more error 1320

Long Path Tool:

Long path tool is the best solution to all the problems you face during unlocking, copying, renaming, and managing the files with long filenames. Long path tool resolves all these problems. Sometimes while deleting, unlocking, renaming, copying, or managing the files, you receive error messages like too long path, path too long, destination path too long. These are the problems that you face in your regular routine and you find no solution to such problems. But if you are looking for the solution of your problems then long path tool is the best software for you. You just need that software to solve your issues. There are many other situations where long path tool plays a role for your convenience.

Long Path Tool is the best solution:

You receive messages like can’t read from a source disk, can’t delete the folder, the file name you specified is not valid. These problems irritate you. But now a fair solution is available for such problems. Now you need not waste your time with such irritating problems. Long path tool is specially developed to handle long pathnames. This software does the job for you. To fight with all such annoying problems long path tool is available. Now you are free from the worries of messages like can’t delete a file, filename too long, too long path, error 1320 etc.

How can you use long path tool?

You can download this program online. This software is compatible with all the Windows Operating Systems like Windows 95, Me, 98, Windows NT, 2000, 2003, XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2012. On your desktop create the icon for long path tool for your ease. Whenever you want to manage your files just click the icon and it will show a window which will present all your files. Now you can do whatever you want to do with your files having long filename easily with this amazing software long path tool. No error messages no worries with a simple and easy to use the tool. One of the best things about this tool is the way it works. It is very simple to understand for everyone. You need not any training to use this tool. Easy to use and quick response is the major capability of this long path tool makes it amazing.


In short long path tool will solve all your issues related files which have long filenames. Because this amazing tool is developed specially to handle these problems which waste your time. The attractive thing is that a simple person who doesn’t have much technical knowledge can use it frequently. Now with long path tool, you are free from such irritating issues. As explained above getting this software is very easy. You can simply get it without any cost. Now the solution is in your hands. It is a guarantee that once you try this tool obviously you will recommend this to your friends.

Objective of LPT

Those days are gone, when errors come up during files relocation, deletion, and renaming and you do nothing but worrying. With vast activities related to internet we generally tend to download, store and delete files now and then. Even, gradual increment in downloading and managing files requires numbers of folder and subfolder to arrange files in a decent manner. In such cases when someone wants to delete, rename and copy a file, he/she faces a lot of problem with an error message that stops the user to do so, saying “File name is too long”.
These types of errors come up due to operating system’s capacity of only 255 characters to handle (including source path), when you want to delete or relocate your file. During file deletion it may say that your file is in use by other program and stop you to delete the file; in this case you must take care of spyware program that stops you in deleting the files. However, continuous prompting of such dialog box may hamper you to go ahead in your job and this is where you may need Long Path Tool to address such errors to manage your files.
Objective of LPT (Long Path Tool):

Long Path Tool is a software that will let you easily manage files while copying, deleting, renaming it. Long Path Tool saves your time with some predefined objectives:
• To unlock the files those are locked by the operating system.
• To read files from source disk
• To rename the file
To delete files those are locked by system
All these have been possible due to its support for long path name under Windows internal limit capacity up to 32,000 characters.
The way LTP works:

The Long Path Tool simplifies the long path name by deleting the blocked files that is no longer in use. Even, it is able to show the reason behind such blocked files and unlock the files eventually. Though, it does not delete files permanently and you can recover the deleted files from recycle bin and this is where it performs as a unique tool.
This software has replaced the entire windows explorer function to manage files using folders and subfolders. Thus, users don’t have to worry about the file that they have stored in subfolders allowing long path name.
The way to get it:
It is easy to get the Long Path Tool from Internet. Trial version is also available to test the usability of program. It will take few minutes to download and install such light weight program. A user-friendly interface is also available to manage files. The only thing you need to do is just download the program, which is compatible with the Windows OS on your computer. After the installation, Long Path Tool can have access to all of your files and folders. Whenever you want to rename a long file name for deleting or reading a source file, just click on the icon denoting Long Path Tool on your computer screen and LPT will show you all the files and you can rename as per your convenience.

How to use the long path tool?

Everyone may encounter a situation that the file path is too deep and cannot be deleted or renamed. At that time you may feel bad and want to overcome the situation. This kind of circumstances can be solved by using an effective tool called long path tool. It is very useful software that solves the problems of unlocking or renaming files and manages them in ease. The file having tooling filename and experience the problem of accessing can be considered for this scenario. When the destination path of a file in your system is too long, this long path tool can definitely help you. This program will help you in accessing blocked files and folders. It also helps you by modifying the internal path length which is predefined as 256 characters. This utility program cannot take large amount of disk space but resolves all kind of complex problems regarding path.

The most common ways of errors in manage in files is to find errors like “the file name is too long”, “error deleting files”. These are the annoying ways and make you feel bad at that situation. If you want to address these kinds of problems then make use of the long path tool. It can make the process lot easier and helps you copy, rename, move or delete certain files. It can handle the lengthy names up to the limit of 32000 characters.

How to use the long path tool?

The program can be downloaded online and is compatible for OS like windows 98 and above versions. You can create shortcut in your desktop to access the tool easily. When opening the tool it will direct you to a window to rename delete and manage the files effectively. This software is best for users who encounter problems in managing files having too long filename. Some of the websites offers the software for free as a trail version. The full download of software contains free support and you can also get free email updates about the product. The long path tool manages large files and helps in file management and error message resolution. It is very fast and simple tool and helps at all time.

The software is easy to download and good for people who want permanent solution to manage their files. It gives you user friendly interface and increase processor’s performance. Any kind of file path problem can be resolved by using this utility tool.

Advantages of the long path tool

Now it is easy to resolve when you encounter the long file name errors. The long path tool software saves time and mange the files by troubleshooting on the errors. It can address the errors like reading source file problem, problem in deleting files or folders and also invalid source file. It can be used to delete system locked files and search the long file or folders in a fast way. You can purchase the software from to effectively manage files in your computer. Launch the program to unlock difficult situation on managing files. Get free updates and support of the product by subscribing it online.