When file names get longer than 255 characters

We all know that we like to customise the file names for all of our files in our own unique way, what may make sense for me may not make sense for you, and that is totally fine! The unfortunate thing is that it may not be fine for you operation system. If, like me, you use increasingly specific and long file names for each one of your files, then Long Path Tool is here to help save the day when the Computer finally gives up and errors. It’s bound to happen and getting it fixed can be a nightmare.

When file names get longer than 255 characters problems occur. And that upper limit can arrive so much quicker than anyone could possibly imagine. Before you realise, the file won’t open because it is too long, and you worry that you’ve lost it for good. This program plays the most important role you can think of and recovers your files if the names are too long to open. Anything up to thirty two thousand characters and this beast of a program will still be able to find a way to recover your file. This is a program that you just cannot afford to miss out on. We all know that mistakes can happen, so why wait until you are in trouble. It is just not worth the risk.

However troubles will happen and if you are experiencing troubles with unlocking, accessing, deleting, copying, or transferring any file because of the length of the path name, then we are here to help you with that. Using our specially designed Long Path tool, we will be able to ensure your work is done quickly and professionally. Using our more expensive, but well worth the money, licenses, we can ensure that we are there every step of the way and helping you recover your files with ease.

Our business and Business professional licenses come with support lines where we are waiting for you to call at any time. We will answer any and all questions as well as supporting you to get the best out of the program that you possibly can. Long Path Tool is the best tool on the market for dealing with long file names and we know that you need this program sooner rather than later. Get it before it is too late.

“Path too long “ and other errors fixed

Nobody have never experienced difficulties with their daily PC use , from the point of software and dealing with windows and sometimes gets errors , that we as normal basic users don’t know how to resolve , actually that isn’t a big deal anymore , as long as the “LongPathTool” is there!

Sometimes we get an error when we try to delete a File or a folder for no reason , but of course there is a reason , simply we aren’t using the “LongPathTool” , so basically that application is able to delete , copy , move , or even delete the files that sometimes won’t be deleted on a USB memory for no reason , It is pretty much convenient for a large portion of users facing errors and It will be presented below:

1. “Path too long “ error :
It happens for no reasons , actually it depends on the type of the software you using and happens usually when unzipping or extracting a file , in order to get rid of it , you need complicated steps that you don’t need to waste your time on , but simply LongPathTool will do it.

2. Error “cannot delete file: cannot read from source file or disk”:
Also you might find some files unable to be deleted , and again LongPathTool will save you the hassle.

3. Error “Copying File or Folder”:
Well , this error is pretty much common with Windows XP users , but for those who using Windows 7 and Windows 8 shouldn’t get it.

4. Cannot remove folder:
Obvious from its name.

5. The file could not be accessed:
This error usually occurs when dealing with Microsoft office for some reason , but LongPathTool got the solution.

6. The file is in use by another program or user.

7. Path too deep.

And many other errors that you might face are solved easily by LongPathTool , It is user friendly and anyone nearly anyone is able to use it even my Grandma. So all of these errors are of the past now nothing to worry about , and guess what , it is only 4 Megabytes.
The application is nearly compatible with every Windows Operating system , so that isn’t something to worry about.

So all you got to do , go to www.longpathtool.com and download the software and you are ready to go the interface is simple and easy , also if you had any issues with the software all you need to do is contact us at Support@LongPathTool.com , and we will be more than happy to help you.

Long Path Tool benefits

Long Path Tool benefits

Practically every one of you tend to use PCs and laptops nowadays but occasionally window explorer is not capable to reach definite files plus destinations. Since the path is a bit extended than the control capability of the API. In this case, things might become very hard for you, while you want toward save your file in a path having many subfolders.

The main cause why this app is used is to resolution the difficulty that you have in surfing the file which are situated in long otherwise deep paths. The app permits you to surf the files from anyplace in your PC. And gets the restored of the error message that you have for example pathway is too extensive.

Further difficulties that you tends to have however functioning is that incorrectly you tend toward name several word files through their primary line which creates the heading too long. By usual setup, while you try toward surf the file, you would somewhat get an error message as well as could open the file only once you retitle it. But while you have this app in your PC stuffs get actual smooth for you. And you could easily surf files so as to you do not have any difficulty whereas you are novel to PCs.

You furthermore find it fairly tough to erase the file that have an actual large name or a big extension that creates you fairly incensed. As these documents occupy space onto your hard disk plus therefore you are small on space in numerous cases. This software moreover aids you out in the cases as it creates stress-free for you to erase these files on just a distinct touch. As well as you would not have any such error message that you tends to have while you try to remove the similar files without the app.

Another actual common problem that you tends to face is that while you are seeing to remove an item. You discover error message that the element you are looking to erase is used through another user. And therefore you are not capable to delete otherwise do something else by that file. However with the long path tool app, these problems could be easily solved. And you could have entrée to those files even while they were beforehand used through any other user that creates your experience well and aids you to save some worthy time also.


OneDrive long path files support with Long Path Tool

Have you ever experienced difficulties with the removal of files on your computer? It seems to be a common problem, especially for the normal non-IT users. “Path too long” or “cannot delete file” are a nightmare for many people, but we know how to handle them.

Long Path Tool  is a software which will solve all your problems with removal, inability of copying or transferring files and not having access to them. As it may seem, the program is very amateur-friendly and can be used by everyone.
It is compatible with every popular operating system, whether it is Windows, Mac or Linux. It does not matter if you have an old PC working on Windows 98 or a brand new MacBook.
The program can delete, copy or rename any “Long path file”, even those which have more than 255 characters in its path. It provides really fast long path files scanning and copying more than one folder at the time.
Copying files to any clouds, including the most popular ones like OneDrive and DropBox is also included in Long Path Tool’s functions. Compatibility with Windows PowerShell, which is an automation and scripting platform for Windows, is another advantage of the software.

How to use it?
It’s easier than you think. You just need to log in to your account as an admin or a guest and open the program. Then you just choose the files and click on the action that you want to make. There is only few buttons, so you will not get confused. The software works very quickly and can make the actions in a matter of seconds. You can also schedule the removal of files. In that case, it will be done after a reboot.

Where can I buy it?

You can make an order on www.longpathtool.com.
Getting a trial versions is also possible, so you will not need to buy it blindly.
There are three licenses, for other usage each.
If you are interested in using the software by yourself, it is recommended to get a Home license.
If you run a business and need the program to work for your company, the is also the possibility of getting a Business license. And if you are interested in additional features, there is also a Business PRO license, with contains other options, for example: settings to control whether to copy a file ownership and ACLs or having a premium support access.

And all the problems will be gone forever!


The path entered by the user is too long fixed

Long Path Tool

Many of us may not be aware of The long Path Tool software which is a problem solver for most of its users. We often tend to face a number of troubles while using Windows files and programs and The long path tool helps us overcome these problems.  It is capable of giving you access to files that are under the Windows programs and there is no need for us to look up for solutions when we are having trouble deleting a file of Windows.

The long path tool program is resourceful software that helps its user to solve a number of problems with a simple click of a button. There is no need for downloading any other software if one has problems such as deleting files, deleting locked files, and editing or moving locked files. The long path tool works fast and effectively. This software has the capability of deleting or editing thousands of files and it and has been serving its users efficiently. We often are tired of error messages related to files and one of the most common notifications can be received by Microsoft office which are such as

To get over these problems the long path tool software identifies the main problem and makes a recovery of the file. The error of the file is first directed towards the downloaded software, it then tries to identify and provides steps of recovery of the file.  The long path tool is remarkably useful to overcome a large number of features and to depict the recovery of any kind of file.


One of the main problems of a Windows user is that when instead of words boxes start to appear in their file. Sometimes most users are unable to fix the problem in their file and they end up deleting their work and starting afresh. Users also face humiliation in their work environment when an important document is opened and an error message happens to appear that the file is in use by another program. The Long Path Tool is an effectual software that caters the problem whether the user is working on Windows XP, Vista, or Windows 7. The long path tool can be easily downloaded through a browser and is a highly recommended software for users who are facing problems that have been mentioned above.

We all struggle once in a while with path too long errors

We all struggle once in a while with particular errors on our computers, errors that won’t allow us the freedom that we expect running our personal or business computers, such as renaming a folder, copying a file or what is most annoying, sometimes it won’t let us delete a file, stating that it’s being used by some other resource on our operative system. Most of these issues can’t be handled by us users and it can become a very frustrating task.

Long path tool is a software compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux that offers the ability to identify these errors and bypass them, enabling us to modify our files and folders the way we want them.

Long path tool is a very simple software to use, and you can download the free trial version from the developer website. Since it’s a very friendly tool, it won’t have any problems with different versions of your operative systems.

How it works:

Long path tool will access those files that contain errors that prevent you from copying, renaming or deleting them, even those errors which the computer won’t show, but LPT will and will give you the freedom to perform any actions on them that you want.

Common errors:

Here you can a find some of the most common errors we all have dealt with at least once:

  1. Long path error
  2. File cannot be deleted
  3. File cannot be accessed
  4. Cannot remove the folder
  5. The file is already in use
  6. Path deep

LPT was design to simply the fixing task on computers, most errors can be caused by a virus or a malware, that prevent us from accessing our own files, some other errors are caused by a compatibility of the files, either way, LPT will get things going.

How to use it:

  1. Download the software form the developers website
  2. Extract the file from the compressed file into your computer
  3. Run LPT
  4. Set “read only” for those files and folders you need to delete or copy
  5. Right click on said folder or file, go to properties, security and allow the permissions you might need: full control, read and execute, list folder contents, read and write, special permissions.


LPT offers a list of benefits which you won’t find on any other software

  1. Easy to use, it has only a few buttons that can achieve most of the desire results.
  2. The files and folders fixed won’t have the same errors again
  3. The software doesn’t have special hardware requirements, it’s a friendly program capable of functioning on and old computer.
  4. You can set up a programmed deleting schedule for your file or folders, and you can choose if you want the software to run after a rebooting.


Long Path Tool favorable features

Long Path tool is the only solution for removing the error messages which appears on the computer screen while doing some important task. Any other Windows operating system cannot delete, copy or rename the files and folders apart from Long Path Tool which has multiple benefits. It can be examined on a large scale and works swiftly.

Errors can be immediately deleted and fixed at the instance. It does not take any malware and is highly secured. Once the files are deleted they can be possessed again from the recycle bin.  Long Path Tool can handle various operating systems with different hardware. Discarded files can be blocked anytime or vice versa. All the important and necessary features to operate the process of deleting, renaming or copying the files are available with this Tool. Files and Folders can be obliterated with the help one scroll mouse click.

 Steps to use the tool LPT:

LPT can be installed and used in below steps:

1) As soon as you enter the home page please log in or make an account.

2) After clicking the next option, you need to run the tool.

3) Select the files, folders, subfolders which you want to delete.

4) Select the option of Read-only to the files you want to delete.

5) Click the appropriate selected files and folders you want to delete or copy and then select properties and security. Then you have to follow these groups.

Full control, Read and execute, List folder contents, Read and write, special permissions.


Long Path tool is reachable online. The trial version can be tested once the tool has been downloaded on your computer. After few seconds the program gets started. You need to verify the compatibility of the tool with Windows. The designated task is effectively performed and the tool is compatible with oldest windows operating system. It is a user-friendly device which determines the errors effectively through its features. Information about the latest events is available through the mail.

The resolution of LPT:

Copying, deleting or renaming task was difficult to perform in the earlier days. An interruption was caused by the activity being performed or in between the operation. To remove such errors and to avoid interruption in the task Long Path Tool was created.

It is a different file management concept which unlocks the blocked files. Files can be read from the source and renamed with the help of this tool Files can also be easily deleted which are difficult to delete for example blocked files.

LPT application:

Long Path tool is an application which performs the task of deleting the blocked or unwanted files which are not really helpful. It also gives you the specific reason behind such files. It is a unique tool with its own features and computer-based application.

Long Path Tool favorable features:

1) The basic and important advantage of this tool is that you do not need to be expertise to know this application. It is easy to delete the files at the instance.

2) It is handy and readily available online. Often the program and operations get executed swiftly.

3) Desired results can be achieved with its user-friendly feature. Many times it works with the obsolete version of windows so users do not need to upgrade their operating system for this application. It can also work best with the latest version of operating system.

4) No hardware or software tools are required to execute it appropriately. Error message gets deleted at the instance once selected with this tool.

5) Windows manager helps the task of renaming more difficult. With the help of Long Path tool, this problem gets easily resolved.

6) Accessing the files and sorting out the important and non-important files becomes easier with this Tool.

7) Rebooting helps the system to select the files and delete it.

8) Unfortunately, Windows operating system does not have any feature of deleting the unwanted files so Long Path Tool is the only application which helps delete the cookies and files of the operating system and make it help work faster.

9) Rectifying the errors and helping the system work more effectively can be done with the help of LPT.

Fixing of errors:

Long Path Tool help fixes the error with one mouse click and the result is available at the drop of the hat. Without any hindrance, the work of deleting the files gets executed. The network mapped folders can also be deleted. The capacity of the words or characters which can be fixed is 200.

An Error like access is denied, error 1320, or errors which are not readable can be smoothly processed and deleted.

Windows always give you an error message that the path is too long or the length of the path is long. These types of errors can also be fixed with the help of the only application which is Long Path Tool.

The file name should be limited to a size of 260 characters or else the error about the length gets flashed out. Long Path Tool is assigned to fix such errors.

Older Windows and newer version Windows have certain drawbacks with names of the files and folders and with the length of the name. Long Path tool supports to delete or remove such limitations.

1) The long path error.

The long path error appears on the screen as soon as the length of a file is exceeded. It can also happen because of up gradation of the software while extracting the folders etc. Long Path Tool has been created to remove such errors effectively.

2) The Error “The file cannot be deleted “or “Cannot delete the file “

Such errors often come or flash out while performing the task or in between some operations. There is no particular reason behind such errors so Long Path Tool is the only solution to remove the errors.

3) The Error gets flashes while copying the folder.

This error message often gets flashed out with the Windows XP users. Windows 7 and Windows 8 users do not get this message.

4) An Error pops out “File cannot be accessed”

An MS office user often gets this type of error while accessing the file. LPT helps deal with this type of error.

5) The Error “Cannot remove the folder

Many times folder cannot be removed easily. In this scenario, this type of error appears on the screen.

6) The error “The file is already in use”.

Sometimes the computer might not work properly or may contain some malware. In such conditions the error “File is already in use” appears. Long Path tool removes such malware and helps the system work more appropriately.

7) The error “Path deep”.

You do not know the exact reason behind such errors but these errors can be deleted with the resolute features of Long Path Tool.

You need to download the latest version of Long Path Tool application online and subscribe to it. This application is useful and can be easily operated by everyone.

Long Path tool helps fix the mentioned below errors:

The Error 1320, correcting the Winrar error and character, Sharing malware, virus or violation, Laptop, and drive can also be removed.


Advantages of Long Path Tool

Long Path Tool

To arrange the files and folders or to delete the folders which are unwanted in a computer an application called Long Path Tool has been created. These folders are deleted, renamed, copied from a computer. The trial version can be tested with the help of online portal facility. The files which are too long can be deleted at any instance.

The tool has been invented to delete the messages which appear on the screen for no reason. The files and folders can easily be deleted with the help of the tool. It is not complicated and can be used flexibly. This tool is reliable and is secured. Files can be retrieved or recovered from the recycle bin whenever required. It is intentionally designed to delete the blocked files.

How to reach and get it:

The internet has been the booming weapon to get everything available online. Long Path tool is also available online. You can download the official website from the given portal or URL and it can be available within few seconds once downloaded. Once the tool has been activated on your system or device you should check the compatibility of the device with the operating system. The compatibility is with Windows 98 and above all versions. You can check the accessibility with the trial version. Timely Information and updates will be provided once you subscribe the application. This tool is proved to be simpler and uncomplicated for every user.

The agenda of LPT:

An error with no meaning appears on the computer screen. Earlier there were no techniques to resolve these errors.  There was chaos to resolve these errors but people were unable to fix the error.  Management of the files and folders was difficult job due to which an application was designed to get the solution of such files and folders and fix the errors which flash up or appears on the screen. These errors are fixed by the operators and are quite difficult to be erased.  Getting the error messages continuously on the screen was a big hindrance to the work due to which people were unable to give the desired output. Hence, Long Path Tool is created and invented for this purpose.

Few of the advantages of the tool are listed below:

1) Unlocking the files is done easily.

2) The files can be read without any hindrance.

3) Renaming the files and folders is done with LPT.

4) The locked files are kept aside with the help of LPT.

5) 31,000 characters of Windows fixed.

Steps to use LPT:

Long Path Tool is used in step by step manner:

  1. First, you have to Log in the windows.

2) Then you have the run the tool from the admin window.

3) Enlist the files and folders you want to delete or copy in a secured manner.

4) You need to set read only for the folders you want to delete or copy.

5) Click the target or the folder you need to copy or delete. Then in the next step select properties and then security and the last step requires permission for the groups below. Full control, special permission, List folder contents, etc.

Positive sides of LPT:

LPT is different software that can manage files and folders.  Organizing and managing the files is easily done by removing the fixed errors. There are many websites available but Longpathtool.com is the official website that can remove errors. The users do not need to have the technical knowledge to operate the tool. You can use this tool without any skills. These conditions help LPT maintain its own standard and makes it more efficient.

2) It is the only tool that can search the operations within time and provide timely updates.

3) LPT is the simplest version of removing the errors available. It can work with any version of operating system. The Older version of the system does not affect the work. It works efficiently on any version. There are no restrictions and limitations for this tool.

4 Errors messages get flashes on the screen and this tool can be used to remove such error messages which hamper the work.

5) Windows file manager makes renaming more difficult. To remove this difficulty of renaming Long Path Tool has been created.

6) The locked files can be unlocked and can easily be accessed with the help of Long Path Tool.

7) Rebooting the computer will help you secure the files as well as delete the unwanted files easily.

8) Windows do not have the feature the clear the path errors. The Long Path Tool can be interconnected with the system settings and can provide the output within the estimated time. 9) Any user having less knowledge about technology and advanced features can also operate the Tool.


How using Long Path Tool can be helpful

                                  How using Long Path Tool can be helpful

LPT is a computer-based application designed to organize the files and folders used by the Windows users. This application can be used to rename, delete and copy the files and folders. It can be tested on a wide variety of platforms and works everywhere. It can delete many files with long path. (for example, thousand)

LPT is a Tool which fixes the error messages for too long path, too deep path, or too long Filename. It is simpler and smoother to use with your system and is secured. The user can delete the files and can maintain all the deleted files in recycle bin which can be retrieved anytime. It is impermeable and compact software aimed to remove blocked files. Long Path Tool is the best solution to the fact that people are experiencing during considerable activities at the use of a computer, connected to the file names.

How to get it:

It is easy to get the long path tool online. You can first check the trial version of Long Path Tool to test the adaptability of the program. It will take few seconds to download and run the program. You need to check whether the program is compatible with the windows OS on your computer. Compatibility is with windows 98 and above versions of windows. Once the program has been downloaded you can create a shortcut by adding a folder to your wall to perform the targeted task effectively. There are online websites which offer the tool for free as a trial version. You can easily get updates through email about the product and offers. This software is user-friendly and increases the resolution criteria of the user. Any kind of path or file problem can be determined through this effective software.

The Goal of LPT:

There were days when errors come up with renaming, file deletion, file transfer and you can do nothing but worry about the situation. Gradually, managing the files requires the number of folders and subfolders that need to be arranged in a particular manner. In such cases, the user faces the error message which says” File is too long” or “error 1320”. These types of errors occur due to a limitation in the capacity of only 255 characters which is defined by the operating system. You must be aware of spyware in case you are unable to delete the file from the system and you may get the error that the file is already in use. However, continuously getting the Flash messages can hamper to get the desired output in your task. So, Long Path Tool is used to fix and address the errors to organize and manage the files.

Long Path Tool saves your time with some preset goals.

1) LPT is used to unlock the folders that need to be arranged in a particular manner.

2) To read the files from the data source.

3) To re-title the files.

4) To remove the files that have been locked by the system.

5) Windows internal limit capacity support up to 32,000 characters.

LPT working:

The Long Path Tool simplifies the path name by removing the blocked folders which are not useful.  It shows the actual fact behind such files and unlocks the file in the end. This tool acts as a unique tool where once the files are deleted; you can recover the deleted files from the recycle bin.

Merits of LPT:

LPT is unique software that let you feasibly organize and manage files while performing a different task like renaming, deleting and copying it. It manages the files by analyzing the errors. LongPathTool.com is a website from where you can purchase the tool to organize and manage the files. You can get free updates and emails by online purchase or subscribe it. You do not need to have the technical knowledge to operate the LPT.

2) All the files, folders and subfolders can be searched within a fraction of seconds. The program runs very swiftly and is easy to handle.

3) It does not need to have special equipment or technical hardware tools. It can readily be available online and can be smoothly run on an older version of a computer. It can give you desired results with no restrictions or additional interface.

4) There is an error message which flashes on the screen and there can be multiple messages which add problems to a task. We can use the tool to navigate and delete the files in one click.

5) With windows file manager renaming is a difficult job. But with the advanced tool like Long Path Tool copying the files and renaming can be done effectively and readily.

6) You can acquire the locked files and solve the error related issues.

7) Rebooting will help you schedule the files that need to be deleted.

8) An Operating system like Windows does not provide any support for path errors. The errors can be resolved with some special tool or program which can interface with system settings and provide desired results.

9) With less technical knowledge and handy features, almost everyone can operate the software.

Fixation of errors:

With long path tool, you need to scroll down few clicks and delete the files and folders easily. The files which are too long and cannot be deleted and sent to the bin can be located and erased out. It can copy and rename the folders hassle-free. One more advantage of using Long Path Tool is that mapped network folders can also be erased out or deleted.

It can fix the path which has 200 characters or more than that. Errors like “Error 1320” can also be fixed. Some errors whose permission has been denied or which cannot read from the data source can be fixed within few minutes with the help of software Long Path Tool.

The file name should not exceed 260 characters otherwise errors can occur. However, these also can be fixed with LPT.

Many times Windows warns you about a long path and then you need to shorten the length or path. In such case, LPT is the ultimate tool.

Older versions of windows have lots of drawbacks in comparison with latest versions like 7, 8 and 10. In such case even if you are using the older version Long Path Tool is the answer to your problem.

With the newer version of windows, we have certain drawbacks or limitations with files and folder names and with the length of the path. But with the availability of Long Path Tool, the problem can resolve without any difficulty.

1) Error path too long:

It pops up on your window without any reason. It can happen because of the software complications or while extracting the folders and files. In order to get it removed just download Long Path Tool.

2) The Error cannot read or delete file:

You may find that the files are not being deleted and this message is flashing on the screen then Long Path Tool is the solution to it.

3) Error Copying folder or file.

Windows 7 and Windows 8 do not get this error message. This message is common with XP users.

4) Error file can’t be accessed.

When users deal with Microsoft office this error is displayed. But Long Path Tool provides you resolution.

Benefits of Long Path Tool program

Benefits of Long Path Tool

If you wish to delete the interrupted messages which flashes on the screen or pops out on the screen while executing some important task then Long Path Tool is the ultimate solution for it. It has multiple benefits and one of them is copying, renaming and deleting the files which cannot be deleted by any other Windows Operating System. It can be examined on a large scale and works swiftly.

It can delete many errors related to Long Path and fix it immediately with ease. It is highly secured with no malware. The deleted files can be regained anytime from the recycle bin. It can run on multiple hardware or operating systems. The blocked files can be discarded anytime. This tool is portable with all the necessary features placed in one place. With one scroll mouse click, you can get eradicate the files and folders.

How to use the LPT:

Long Path Tool can be used in the described steps below:

1) Log in windows as a guest or admin.

2) Run Long Path Tool as guest or admin.

3) Ensure the files and folders you want to delete or copy.

4) You need to set read only for the folders you want to delete or copy.

5) Right-click the folder you want to copy and select properties then security and next step are allowing permissions for your group listed below:

Full control, Read and execute, List folder contents, Read and write, special permissions.


Long Path tool is available online. You can download from the official website and test the program based on trial version. It takes few seconds to download the program. You need to check the compatibility with the windows. Long Path Tool is easily compatible with windows operating system and performs the designated task effectively. You can get the information through email.  This tool is user-friendly and determines any kind of errors related to path.

The Purpose of LPT:

In earlier days errors were flashing up with copying, deleting or renaming the folder. These messages added interruption in the activity being performed. Hence Long Path Tool was created to eradicate the interruption and errors related to Long Path.

It is used to unlock the blocked folders and is unique and different type file management concept. It can also read the files from the source and or rename the folders. It has been used to eradicate the files which have been locked. Its capacity is restricted to 32000 characters.

LPT uses:

Long Path tool simplifies the task of erasing out the files and blocked folders which are not really useful. It delivers the reason behind such files and unlocks the file ultimately. This is computer-based software tool which is quite different in its own features. It can recover and retrieve the files and folders which the recycle bin.

Pros of Long Path Tool:

1) Long Path tool enables copying, renaming the files or deleting the files at the drop of a hat. You don’t need to be expertise to know the know-how of the software Long Path Solution.

2) The concept and the program get executed faster within the estimated time. It is handy and quite easy to operate.

3) It is user-friendly with aspired results. It works with older version of operating systems so users with older version need not worry and set aback with Long Path Tool which is the most advanced version of deleting the files and other features.

4) It can be managed with no special equipment and no hardware equipment. The error messages which displays on the screen can be easily removed and deleted through Long Path Tool.

5) With windows, manager renaming is quite difficult. But with the help of Long Path tool, this problem of renaming the files and folders can be easily done.

6) You can access the files which are locked and solve the errors reflecting on the screen.

7) Rebooting helps in getting the files deleted.

8) Windows do not support and provide any support for errors related to the path. The errors can be rectified and eradicated swiftly with the software tool Long Path Tool.

9) It can be easily used and programmed by anyone. You do not need to have the technical knowledge or any other equipment to rectify the errors.

Fixing of errors:

With the help of long path tool, you need to click the mouse and fix the errors. You can delete the files and rename the folders without any interruption to your work. The folders which are mapped can be deleted accordingly. It can fix the words 200 characters which are long.

Errors like 1320, and errors whose access is denied or which are not readable can be fixed within seconds with the help of tool Long Path Tool.

Sometimes, windows give you or provide you with a message the length is too long or the path is too long. In such scenario, Long Path Tool is the best possible available software.

The name of the file should be limited to 260 characters or else error can occur which can interrupt the program in between. These errors can also be fixed with the help of Long Path Tool.

Older Operating system and newer version of the operating system have limitations with files and folder names and with the length. These drawbacks can be erased out and removed completely if we start using Long Path Tool.

1) The Error which Long Path:

It flashes on the windows screen unless we click the desired option. It can happen because of the software problems or up gradation of the older version or while extracting the folders. In order to remove this error, Long Path Tool has been designed.

2) The Error containing message “Cannot delete the file “

You may get the message while performing some important task. Imagine how frustrating it would be? However, Long Path Tool is designed for this special purpose.

3) The Error which is copying folder:

This error is common with Microsoft XP users and Windows 7 and Windows 8 users do not get this message.

4) An Error which is file cannot be accessed or retrieved:

Microsoft office users get this error message displayed on the screen. This tool helps you deal with this problem.

5) The Error which is cannot remove the folder.

Sometimes folders are stuck up and cannot be removed or deleted. With the guidance of Long Path Tool, this error completely vanishes.

6) The file is already in use:

Sometimes, an error like file is in use or is used by other operator comes. In such scenario, Long Path Tool emerges as a weapon to destroy all the malware and makes the system in the original phase of working.

7) Error Path deep.

Error Path deep can be removed by Long Path Tool.

All you need to do is download the Software or tool from the website available online. Downloading and similarly deleting is as easy as a pie.  You can subscribe the online free trial version and get the results instantly.

Long Path tool fixes the following errors:

Error 1320, Beshield to the system, Tablet, Laptop, and drive, correcting the Winrar error and character, Sharing malware, virus or violation.