Overview of Long Path Tool

Overview of Long Path Tool


The Long path tool is a handy solution to modify files and folders with long path names. If you are not familiar with this efficient tool, read this overview carefully. It will let you know about various aspects of the long path tool. Files with long path names are common errors in computers. You may even lose your file, if the file name becomes too large to access. Still, amazing features of the long path tool will assist you to prevent file loss, hardware failure, and malware, etc. This shareware program is provided to prepare for lots of troubles linked to long file names.

Why You May Need Long Path Tool

The URL paths of all folders along with associated files should be 255 characters or less. 128 characters are allowed for the names of files and folders. If the file or folder name gets too long, you will not be able to access the files. The magic solution of this irritating problem is Long Path Tool. It has been built for dealing with the “long file name” issue. However, this outstanding solution that can work very fast. It can delete thousands of files in seconds. In addition, this exceptional tool has been tested for several platforms. It can work perfectly in every platform. Let us look why it gets highly popular in a few days.

Benefits of Long Path Tool

The key reason behind getting immense popularity is its easy to use feature. User can handle all type of files and folders with long path name very easily. It is built to handle almost every problem related to long path name. Usually, you will not be able to access any file with long name. If you need to copy or move a file with long name, you need to use Long Path Tool. Otherwise, your operating system will not allow you to move or copy the file. You can also experience trouble deleting files with long file name. These irritating issues can be handled effectively with Long Path Tool.

Long Path Tool as A Magical Solution

If you are in need of a software that can deal effectively with file and folders having long name, Long Path Tool is the solution that can magically remove all the problems associated with long file name. You should now already consider buying this efficient tool, as long file path name is a common problem that lots of users experience regularly. You may choose “Home License” for normal day-to-day use. If you require heavy-duty performance, you should consider buying Business License or Business Pro License.

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6