Overlong destination address? Use Long Path Tool

Overlong destination address? Use Long Path Tool

Haven’t we all been there? Trying to delete a chunk of waste folders from our hard disk and there is the notification that “your destination folder is too long”. How frustrating does that feel to the user we all know. Not able to delete, copy or rename your file from your own desktop. This really creates a hard time for us while we try to look for possible solutions by hitting at numerous ways to find a way to debug the stubborn issues, but there is no escape from the problem.

There is no solution or at least no easy solution was available for this issue till now, that is before Long path tool was there to serve you free of cost. This tool has come out as a big help in case of these destination folder issues and has been a real revelation. Using this tool you can perform a plethora of functions which would make debugging of the destination folder bugs pretty simpler than it earlier was. So, now there is a quick and efficient solution solution available for you in Long Path Tool. The long path tool is available for your help in many ways  other than those usual problems. So, let’s have a look at  it:

Where can you use this tool?

This tool has so many diverse uses. It can be of help for you in so many ways, and everywhere the problem is actually rooted to a single source. The problem is always that the destination folder is too long for any action to be performed in it. Because of this you really can’t do anything with those bugged folders.

You can’t delete them from your hard drive. If you want to move them away by transferring them to some other drive or device, that too is not possible because of the overlong destination of your folder. If you think that you can just re name the folder so as to make short the destination address of the folder, then that too is not an option that is available for you. This makes for a really sticky wicket and you are trapped while who want to see for a solution to this issue. Lets have a look where can you use this tool

  • You can use the tool is your path location is too long and hence you are unable to access it
  • Can’t delete the folder because folder destination is too long
  • Cannot delete your file because access is denied to it
  • For path too long errors and error code 80/1
  • You can also use it in the case where you are notified that “the file is in use or is in program by some other user/users”
  • Path address greater than 260 characters
  • Many more errors on the similar lines can be easily handled using this Long path tool

What you need to do?

The software tool is actually pretty easy to handle and use and you can work with this without any expert guidance. All you have to do is go visit the site longpathtool.com, and download the required software from our site.

After downloading the long path tool, you need to go to this program and access the folder with the destination error. You can go through your major drives in the explorer section and access the required directory. Then you can delete that directory using this long path tool. This action is not doable without the use of this tool. So, go on and download this tool as it will help you securely clear and keep your system clean of unwanted files and folders.

The tool will also aid you in renaming the folder and hence get access to your valuable data after renaming. The renaming process too is very easy and it can be performed without any hustle. Go to the directory using the Long path tool program and just changes the name of your destination folder and you will be having easy access to it. Same way you can change the name and import the required directory if you need to do so, to some other place.

So, have a go and try the Long path tool. There are so many ways in which the tool will turn out to be of your use and the best thing about the software is that it does not come up with any cost and is absolutely free to use for anyone. You do not need to be a premium user to get access to all the major features of our wonderful tool. It is there for our users to make their lives comfortable and avoid them the pain of getting stuck at their screens in utter helplessness. So, from the next time do not go crazy when you get an overlong destination folder. Just use this tool, and get yourself out of the unwanted rot.

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6