OneDrive long path files support with Long Path Tool

Have you ever experienced difficulties with the removal of files on your computer? It seems to be a common problem, especially for the normal non-IT users. “Path too long” or “cannot delete file” are a nightmare for many people, but we know how to handle them.

Long Path Tool  is a software which will solve all your problems with removal, inability of copying or transferring files and not having access to them. As it may seem, the program is very amateur-friendly and can be used by everyone.
It is compatible with every popular operating system, whether it is Windows, Mac or Linux. It does not matter if you have an old PC working on Windows 98 or a brand new MacBook.
The program can delete, copy or rename any “Long path file”, even those which have more than 255 characters in its path. It provides really fast long path files scanning and copying more than one folder at the time.
Copying files to any clouds, including the most popular ones like OneDrive and DropBox is also included in Long Path Tool’s functions. Compatibility with Windows PowerShell, which is an automation and scripting platform for Windows, is another advantage of the software.

How to use it?

It’s easier than you think. You just need to log in to your account as an admin or a guest and open the program. Then you just choose the files and click on the action that you want to make. There is only few buttons, so you will not get confused. The software works very quickly and can make the actions in a matter of seconds. You can also schedule the removal of files. In that case, it will be done after a reboot.

Where can I buy it?

You can make an order on
Getting a trial versions is also possible, so you will not need to buy it blindly.
There are three licenses, for other usage each.
If you are interested in using the software by yourself, it is recommended to get a Home license.
If you run a business and need the program to work for your company, the is also the possibility of getting a Business license. And if you are interested in additional features, there is also a Business PRO license, with contains other options, for example: settings to control whether to copy a file ownership and ACLs or having a premium support access.

And all the problems will be gone forever!


Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6