oh no “cannot delete”- Get Long Path Tool

Finally you’ve decided to organize your file system and you’re trying to delete a file, suddenly it says “bing”, error: Cannot delete. No matter how many times you close the error window and try again the system says the same. This can be very annoying and is probably the hardest thing to get a clue on why it’s happening.

This error mostly happens when the file path name is long or it is protected against access. Even if you can change or fix it individually it is time consuming. Changing and handling the enormous number of files isn’t going to be easy to do. Whether it’s a large company or a small business Long Path tool can help you save your files and manage the files relating to the project. Moreover it becomes a quick and easy way to handle the files efficiently.

The tool can be very easily downloaded and installed on your computer. The setup file once downloaded and double clicked installs automatically. It doesn’t take up large amount of disk space or affects the computer performance. When you’re not using the tool, it stays minimized and the tray. So you won’t be disturbed while handling the other tasks.

The tool can be accessed through a sleek user friendly interface. The user after seeing the interface readily gets the idea about using it. If at all you have a difficulty you can contact Long Path Tool customer care anytime. The software is very convenient program to handle the renaming, deleting, copying, unlocking or any other file management tasks. It can be used to manage files up to 32,000 characters. If you are a regular in managing files or employed to do this job then this app is an invaluable tool to ease your purpose. Download it from www.LongPathTool.com and breathe easier while doing any of the file management tasks.

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6