Objective of LPT

Those days are gone, when errors come up during files relocation, deletion, and renaming and you do nothing but worrying. With vast activities related to internet we generally tend to download, store and delete files now and then. Even, gradual increment in downloading and managing files requires numbers of folder and subfolder to arrange files in a decent manner. In such cases when someone wants to delete, rename and copy a file, he/she faces a lot of problem with an error message that stops the user to do so, saying “File name is too long”.
These types of errors come up due to operating system’s capacity of only 255 characters to handle (including source path), when you want to delete or relocate your file. During file deletion it may say that your file is in use by other program and stop you to delete the file; in this case you must take care of spyware program that stops you in deleting the files. However, continuous prompting of such dialog box may hamper you to go ahead in your job and this is where you may need Long Path Tool to address such errors to manage your files.
Objective of LPT (Long Path Tool):

Long Path Tool is a software that will let you easily manage files while copying, deleting, renaming it. Long Path Tool saves your time with some predefined objectives:
• To unlock the files those are locked by the operating system.
• To read files from source disk
• To rename the file
To delete files those are locked by system
All these have been possible due to its support for long path name under Windows internal limit capacity up to 32,000 characters.

The way LTP works:

The Long Path Tool simplifies the long path name by deleting the blocked files that is no longer in use. Even, it is able to show the reason behind such blocked files and unlock the files eventually. Though, it does not delete files permanently and you can recover the deleted files from recycle bin and this is where it performs as a unique tool.
This software has replaced the entire windows explorer function to manage files using folders and subfolders. Thus, users don’t have to worry about the file that they have stored in subfolders allowing long path name.
The way to get it:
It is easy to get the Long Path Tool from Internet. Trial version is also available to test the usability of program. It will take few minutes to download and install such light weight program. A user-friendly interface is also available to manage files. The only thing you need to do is just download the program, which is compatible with the Windows OS on your computer. After the installation, Long Path Tool can have access to all of your files and folders. Whenever you want to rename a long file name for deleting or reading a source file, just click on the icon denoting Long Path Tool on your computer screen and LPT will show you all the files and you can rename as per your convenience.

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6