no more path too long errors

Windows has been in the market for more than over a decade now. And it has not just existed. It proudly shows off the crown of the ‘most used operating system’ in this world. Even though it has shortcomings too and isn’t all that perfect, but still it is considered to be the best out there and loved and preferred by most of the users of personal computers. Windows has been designed and programmed in such a way to give the users the best out of their computers. But sometimes it gets abused to one such set of rules that it has programmed into its operating system. Yes, we are talking about the long path name errors. It wasn’t a mistake; Windows was designed to work that way. But who would have thought that it will turn against itself and create frustrating situations for the users where the users feel totally helpless. Because Windows was not able to find a way out of the problem. But you will not remain helpless anymore. The Long Path Tool is here to resolve the biggest problem ever in the history of Windows operating systems.

Sometimes during using the windows explorer we come across some useless files. These files are left behind after uninstallation of a software or simply are placed there by another software. These eat up spaces uselessly and also make the drives look cluttered and untidy. So you decide to delete it and hit the delete button. But lo! An error message appears- ‘Path too long’ or ‘File is already open or is in use’. You try multiple times but still you are not able to delete it. This causes a major problem as you can’t even delete a file in your own computer and there seems no way out. But don’t worry, that is where the Long Path Tool comes in handy. It easily deletes the file that was showing error when you tried deleting it without this tool.

Similarly, sometimes you try to open a file. But again you are faced by the same long path error and ‘file in use’ error. This time you try to be smart and think of a possible way out. You get an idea of renaming the file to shorten it so that the error is fixed. You click on rename but, wait, what is that? Another error?! Now you realise that this bug will not even let you rename the file or the folder. Then you wonder what will help you in this case. And again the small yet powerful Long Path Tool comes to your rescue. Sometimes you really don’t have an option to leave the file as it is as it may be of utmost importance and you can’t afford losing it. The Long Path Tool is the only solution to your worries in such cases.

The Long Path Tool has really nailed it! It has become the one-stop solution for all the file and folder errors. All the people around the world who experience the file issues have Long Path Tool installed in their system and their worries have been put to an end, thanks to the mighty tool. And it is not something that will eat up all your space in return for providing such a great fix. It is extremely light-weight, with the file being hardly one and a half megabytes in size. It can be easily downloaded from its website for free. Yes you heard it right! Such a world-changing tool has been gifted to the world for free, without any charges. But it does accept donations and many people who are really very happy with the tool do donate decent amounts to the organisation which keeps the software updated and working as perfect as ever.

The Long Path Tool is small and compact. Its interface is neat and clean and clutter free with every option in the right place. It is very easy to use and even a kid can use it. So you don’t need to be some sort of computer geek to be able to use this software. All you need to do is that just open the Long Path Tool and using its explorer go to the file or the folder in your hard drive and select it. Then you can choose to do whatever you want with the file or the folder. You can delete it, copy it or simply rename it to a short name to fix the error. It is as simple as that. Trust me, solving a Windows issue was never so easy. It is just a matter of a few clicks! Now you won’t be afraid of any file errors as you have the master of all the file names on your hand. Truly, the Long Path Tool has proved to be one of the tools ever made for Windows!

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6