No more long filename

Long Path Tool is an effective tool that can help in dealing with problems like unlocking, deleting, renaming and copying files. The tool will necessarily help in ending all above mentioned problems that generally appears to have long filename.

What is the tool all about?

There are many instances when any user experiences problem in managing, accessing or renaming files that comes with more than 255 characters. This particular utility is designed to answer such particular scenarios. If an user comes across issues like error messages when the path is too long, destination path too long, too long path or many other related complicacies this particular tool can help immensely.

What are the other features of this tool?

The Long Path Tool is an effective tool that can be useful for all situations where you find error messages. There are cases when message pops up during sharing violation, file name is not valid, cannot delete any file or folder, file managing errors and many such errors that are encountered in computer use.

The Long Path Tool is basically developed to eradicate all such managing problems as well as helps in providing sleek interface that can be easy to work on. So no more error massages like filename is too long, problem while deleting file or related to long filename path will haunt you. The program can handle names to a limit of around 32,000 characters.

How to use the tool?

The tool is quiet easy to use. The user needs to download the program online and install it as per the guidelines. The tool is quite compatible with Windows operating systems like 95,98, Windows NT, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, 8 and many more. You can create a shortcut on your desktop and easily access it anytime. Every time you want to manage the files all you need to do is click the shortcut or icon on your desktop to manage the file accordingly. Using the tool you can delete, rename, open as well as move files instantly without any issues related to error messages.

The Long Path Tool accesses all your files as well as folders instantly. The tool comes with simple as well as convenient interface that can be used by anyone. The tool requires no special system features to set up or install. Everything related to the tool is done easily and in a quick manner.


There are many issues or error messages encountered by any user while managing files when the file is too long and many more other problems, this particular tool helps in managing everything systematically as well as in an efficient manner.  It is a tool that takes care of all your error messages quite effectively and is worth a use. The tool can unlock files that are locked by system process, scan drives for path and many more. The tool comes with free updates as well as free support that come with the trail version of this tool.

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6