No More File Errors

If your computer has ever suffered from a computer virus, or if you have ever downloaded a file, you may know how challenging it is to remove those files or folders. You try to rename them, unlock them, delete them or even just move them and you are met with different error messages. You are told that the path name is too long or the destination is unknown. You are told that the folder is in use, when you know that it isn’t. You may even see the dreaded Error 1320 alert. In the past, your only option was to click cancel or okay and move on. There wasn’t much you were able to do. You were left defeated from managing your own files in your system because the name was more than 255 characters.

Now, you are able to copy, remove, rename, and move any and all files and folders in your computer regardless of their character lengths or error messages. Long Path Tool has been designed to help you work with those files and avoid future error messages. Long Path Tool can easily be downloaded onto any computer to replace the Windows Explorer file manager. This innovative software is compatible with almost all Windows operating systems including Windows 95 and 98, Windows XP, Windows Me, and Windows Vista. When you download the software into your computer you will have new access and capabilities for managing everything in your computer.

The next time you receive one of those inconvenient errors, you will be able to open your Long Path Tool and immediately be taken to a window that contains your files. From there, you can do anything that you need with your files without fear of getting another error alert. Long Path Tool is safe and easy to use. The software has been designed to make your computer life easier, not more challenging. Long Path Tool is even able to scan your computer on a mission to find file names having pathways which are deemed too long. They will let you manage any file that has up to 32,000 characters.

Along with the sleek and user friendly interface of Long Path Tool and easy installation, you will have access to top rated customer service reps and technicians so that your software is always running in the best it can. You can now manage better than ever before. So, browse the internet and download it.

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6