No more file errors with the long path tool

Are you fed up with the innumerable number of errors that are displayed on your screen. If you are worrying about file/folder related errors, you can certainly overcome them by going through the following few lines. Long path tool is a software application which can be downloaded from the web and can be installed very easily. By using the tool, you can overcome the 255 character limit. You will be able to deal with filenames as the limit will be enhanced to 32000 characters. The application will let you do operations beyond windows explorer or FAR.

No more screams

As you deploy the application, you can really make the most from your computer. Your productivity will not be affected as you will carry out file related activities in an effortless manner. You can handle overcome errors  like, ‘access is denied’, ‘path not deep’, ‘error copying file or folder’, ‘the source or destination file may be in use’, ‘cannot delete file or folder’, ‘filename is invalid’.

How easy it is?

It is easy to install the tool after downloading from the internet. In addition to Windows 7 and windows 8, the tool can be installed and used on various operating systems including Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000 and Windows NT. After installing the software, you can access it with a single click. The clean interface will list all the files that are present in your computer.

You will be able to perform file related operations by overcoming various limitations. You can overcome sharing violations. After installing the application, you will enjoy smoother operation of the computer and you will not break your head any more with file/folder related issues. The tool has received good reviews and it will not occupy system resources while performing its intended tasks.

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6