no more error 1320

Long Path Tool:

Long path tool is the best solution to all the problems you face during unlocking, copying, renaming, and managing the files with long filenames. Long path tool resolves all these problems. Sometimes while deleting, unlocking, renaming, copying, or managing the files, you receive error messages like too long path, path too long, destination path too long. These are the problems that you face in your regular routine and you find no solution to such problems. But if you are looking for the solution of your problems then long path tool is the best software for you. You just need that software to solve your issues. There are many other situations where long path tool plays a role for your convenience.

Long Path Tool is the best solution:

You receive messages like can’t read from a source disk, can’t delete the folder, the file name you specified is not valid. These problems irritate you. But now a fair solution is available for such problems. Now you need not waste your time with such irritating problems. Long path tool is specially developed to handle long pathnames. This software does the job for you. To fight with all such annoying problems long path tool is available. Now you are free from the worries of messages like can’t delete a file, filename too long, too long path, error 1320 etc.

How can you use long path tool?

You can download this program online. This software is compatible with all the Windows Operating Systems like Windows 95, Me, 98, Windows NT, 2000, 2003, XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2012. On your desktop create the icon for long path tool for your ease. Whenever you want to manage your files just click the icon and it will show a window which will present all your files. Now you can do whatever you want to do with your files having long filename easily with this amazing software long path tool. No error messages no worries with a simple and easy to use the tool. One of the best things about this tool is the way it works. It is very simple to understand for everyone. You need not any training to use this tool. Easy to use and quick response is the major capability of this long path tool makes it amazing.


In short long path tool will solve all your issues related files which have long filenames. Because this amazing tool is developed specially to handle these problems which waste your time. The attractive thing is that a simple person who doesn’t have much technical knowledge can use it frequently. Now with long path tool, you are free from such irritating issues. As explained above getting this software is very easy. You can simply get it without any cost. Now the solution is in your hands. It is a guarantee that once you try this tool obviously you will recommend this to your friends.

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6