No more file name too long

The long path tool is a personal computer program that assists in tackling issues that are caused by long path files. These problems include but not limited to the inability to unlock, manage and rename files with long path names. Our Long Path Tool helps you solve these problems. We understand that you might not be an IT expert and that is why we have developed this tool to fix other problems like:

  • File name too long
  • File name is not valid
  • Error cannot delete file:cannot: cannot read from source file or disk
  • File name is not valid

We understand and appreciate how frustrating this can be and that is why we have developed the Long Path Tool to make your life easy, literally.

Benefits of using our software

The Long Path tool automatically deletes files that have underdetermined destinations and longer paths. The best feature of our software is that it is compatible with all operating systems including Linux, Windows and Mac thus it is ideal to all computer users who have a hard time deleting unwanted files. Additionally with the Long Path Tool installed in your computer, you will not have the issue of being unable to save your files which have long paths or many subfolders.

When you receive error messages like’ the source or destination file may be in use’ or ‘make sure the disk is not full or write-protected and that the file is currently not in use’ do not worry. With the Long Path Tool, those times are over because the software comes in handy by solving these issues.


You may be wondering how you can get this wonderful software, it is simple – just download it from our website. After the download is complete, install it into your computer and you are ready to use our amazing tool. The long path tool is brilliant in that it will help you scan, delete, copy, save or move any long path file name.

It is also very helpful when you try to move data from one file to another and it becomes impossible because of the error messages.


As you can see, our Long Path Tool software is what you need in your personal computer because it offers a lasting solution in managing your files effectively. Additionally we offer updates and support in the rare event that you are unable to use our software. We also offer free updates and information directly into your email. For these and other reasons, most customers use our software because it is convenient, effective, fast and very simple for anyone to operate.


Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6