Names and paths- No more problems now

Names and paths- No more problems now

Where there is a file there is a name composed of two parts: the actual name and extension.

If the first operating systems (OS) were accepting file names to a maximum of 8 characters, today the name of a file may contain many more characters than what a normal person need.

Names that are too long are proving counterproductive and are usually avoided in favor of concise names that effectively summarize the contents of the file served. File systems from Windows 95 onwards adopted the name of a file must be between 1 and 255 alphanumeric and special characters.

Extension or suffix appears as a group of characters (usually three in number) that appears at the end of the file name. Delimitation of proper name and extension is done by point.

It often happens that you cannot access a file because of the length of the name. Windows warns you with a message that you cannot access the file because of the long path name.

Before trying any method, it would be good to inform yourself about Long Path Tool, the software that Windows developed precisely to avoid such situations. Long Path Tool is a friendly and easy to use software, developed to ignore the Windows internal limit of path length which is set up to 32.000 characters. So, not having a specific length limit, this software will help you to access those files which Windows cannot open normally. If in your experience with files you received messages like “the source or destination file may be in use”, “there has been a sharing violation” or “the file extension or name is too long”, don’t worry again. These messages will be history after you install Long Path Tool.

The trial version will only allow you to use the software on one file. More than that, the trial version will not allow you to open any file you want. This is why you will have to purchase the full version.  You do not have to worry about the system you use. The software is compatible to all versions of Windows, starting from Windows 95. The Long Path Tool provides substantial rate of options. It provides fast speed scanning of files or folders with long path. Being a software with a simple interface it can be used by anyone, no need for IT knowledge.

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6