More Benefits of Long Path Tool

Long Path Tool software encounters messages like access denied or cannot delete a particular file. These problems occur due to the long name of the file. Sometimes the system might even have files with long names. Delete, rename or move those files using the Long Path Tool software. You can even unlock files that have been locked using other software’s. Some bugs in your computer can make problems while moving a file, solve such situation by moving the file using the Long Path Tool software.


Files with more than 255 characters in the file name can be renamed, moved, copied or get it deleted using the Long Path Tool software. The program is designed with a simple and easy to access interface for the all users. User interface is simple and even people who do not have big knowledge about computers can even access the software easily. Software can work on any computers and is compatible to work with. Long path tool can even search the whole computer for long named files and manages it in according to the instruction given by the user. This software avoids common problems while moving a file from one disk to another in the computer. Relieves stress for computer users by deleting files that cannot be done normally. The software takes a little space in your computer and can help the user from all the common problems that are being faced while moving, deleting, renaming and locking a file. People who intend to manage big files and documents can make use of this software to access their files in a stress-free way. Desktop icon can be made easily for the software and one can open and use the software anytime. Long Path Tool is a convenient software with multi functions that can find solution for all the problems for every single file in your system.

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6