Methods of Using Long Path Tool


If you receive error messages while copying, editing or moving files due to long pathnames, try the long path tool. This efficient tool can deal with your problem in seconds. It has been built is such way that it can be very light. Being very light, it takes very little or no time to be downloaded. After getting downloaded, this excellent app requires very important role to take on. Yet, here in this particular clause, we shall let you know about using the long path tool.

Where You Can Find the Program

At first, install the software from the website of Long Path Tool. It is very easy to download the tool. After entering into the website, you will find the download menu at the top. After clicking the menu, it will show the page having download link. Before downloading the product, you may need to choose a particular offer. It comes up with three exciting deals. If you need this tool for normal usage, you should take the Home License. In case of business usage, you have to select the Business license. If you need to use advanced level of file management, go for the Business pro license. Business pro license will allow you to copy the ownership information of the file.

Installing the File

However, after downloading the tool, you need to install it. It is very easy to install this program. After clicking the .exe file, Windows will ask whether you provide permission to launch the program. It is as same as hundreds of program you have downloaded and installed already. After installing the program, check out the files with long file name. Make sure you remember the path name carefully. As an extra precaution, you may also copy the folder URL and paste in the notepad at first. After pasting the file or folder URL in the notepad, you can be certain about each about each and every detail of folder address.

Delete, Copy, Rename or Move Long Pathname Files

Access the Long Path Tool on your system and double click the shortcut to open it up. From the program menu, you will be able to access all the files and folders of your system. Now find out the folder you have to rename. You can also copy, move, or delete in from the program. While reaching your target folder, use the notepad created previously to find the precise location. Nevertheless, this particular program is really an amazing tool to access the files with long pathname.

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6