Managing stubborn “path too long Windows”

Windows OS will sometimes give problems when you try to manipulate certain files. Such things as error messages of “path too long windows” will be experienced sometimes. Usually, this is because of the fact that files having path names in excess of 255 characters are not well handled. Thus when you try to delete, edit or view such files, you may be inconvenienced by these messages.

While you can try to move the folder to another location or even rename the same, this will not always provide a reliable outcome. However, there is software that you can use to solve this problem with relative ease. By using the Long Path Tool, you will not be confronted anymore by these messages. You will have more power over the files that seemed too stubborn in the past.
You can still get such error messages when using such tools as Windows Explorer and even FAR in manipulation of your files. This calls for a tried and tested approach that will give you better control of all the folders in your system without demanding a lot of complexities. The Long Path Tool can handle path with characters as much 32, 000. This shows the powerful ability it stands in helping you manipulate file paths longer than the Windows limit of 255 characters.

Moreover, the Long Path Tool gives the freedom of being used in any given OS. It is even compatible with the early Windows version of 95. You also ease of use as one advantage that comes with this software. This is an advantage that several users give as it strength. To be able to manipulate all those files that have a long path, all you need to do is simply download it to your computer. When you have the application installed, file renaming, editing, viewing or deleting gets as easy as opening up the program, scrolling to the file or folder and performing the command you wish for. You do not need any system upgrade or complex necessities to perform this.

You will be able to perform such activities as deleting those files which appear as locked by some applications. Usually, the main problem when you receive a “path too long windows” error is that of deleting a file. This is a great inconvenience as you are forced to keep a folder you do not need in your system which may even prove harmful. When you use this program, the stubborn file will be handled through a number of processes. It can get rid of the process responsible for holding the given file open or even mark it for deletion at the next reboot. Either way, with Long Path Tool, you will remain with only those files that are really useful to you.

When you use this tool, you will also be given updates in your email. Moreover, the software gives you fast speeds when you are searching for a file with a long path. Manipulation of the file will be as simple as opening the application and hitting whatever command you wanted.

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6