Longpathtool – the versatile software

Www.Longpathtool.com provides the best solution to problems that occur while renaming, unlocking, copying and deleting etc. of files that have unusually long names. By way of simplification this innovative tool can remove the hurdles that are inherent with files having lengthy names. The problem with files having lengthy names is quite common and even the users of the latest version of Windows Explorer and FAR etc. are not spared of these difficulties. Once the system is equipped with the Www.Longpathtool.com the problems pertaining to too long filenames are solved once and for all. Those who come across with hassles due to error alerts such as cannot delete the file, destination path too long etc. can solve those problems easily by availing this new file managing utility. When the filename has more than 255 characters, problems are likely for accessing, deleting or renaming etc. of that file. Right from the good old Windows 95 to the latest  Windows Explorer and Far Manager etc. can solve the problems using Www.Longpathtool.com.

Applications of Www.Longpathtool.com

Www.Longpathtool.com ensures a smooth interface for the computer. This software is very much useful at the time of various error messages like Filename not valid, filename too long, cannot read from the source file, cannot delete file, sharing violation and destination file in use, etc. This utility can manage path names having characters up to 32000. The icon of Path Too Long Fixer may be kept on the desktop to ensure instant access. This program can be easily downloaded. It is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, 2000 and NT. The method of using Long Path Tool is very simple and easy. On clicking the icon of this program on the desktop a window will be opened showing all files. The user can rename, delete, open or move any file of his choice with no hassles such as error messages. It enables easy and quick access to files and make the task of file management smooth and fast. By way of providing an easy and intuitive interface

Advantages of Www.Longpathtool.com

When files are locked or prevented from renaming, deleting and moving etc. Long Path Tool can identify the  running program which is the cause for all the hassles. This downloaded program can also control unsolicited spam as well as Email messages. Tool has a very strict anti spam policy. It will not allow to send unsolicited emails from the user’s account. This utility will also prevent sell, lease or rent the email subscriber listings of third parties. Application acts as the ultimate file manager of the system. The applications of this utility are easy as well as user-friendly. The files that are locked in the system are deleted very easily. The users of Www.Longpathtool.com receive free updates and free technical support. The updates as well as information regarding the latest applications etc. convey to the users by regular emails. It is very easy to download and instal the program on the PC.

Www.Longpathtool.com can be used easily by anyone including those who are non-technical. This software is a real boon to those who manage large files.

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6