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Long Path Tool

Today, even the latest rating systems face a problem of long file names. To overcome this issue, a software with the name of Long Path Tool has been developed. With the help of this tool, copying, unlocking, renaming and deleting files becomes a very easy and smooth task. In general, files with names having more than 255 characters shows certain errors like “destination path too long”, “too long path”, etc. This issue is faced even by the latest Windows system and to overcome this problem, the software called Long Path Tool has been conceived. It is a revolutionary application which allows easy and smooth management of files.

About Long Path Tool

Many error messages are displayed if one tries to copy, delete or rename files with pathnames more than 255 characters. This problem is faced even in the most recent Windows systems or FAR. Numerous errors are displayed like, “error copying file”, “invalid filename”. Since such files cannot be opened again, cannot be edited or cannot be renamed, a lot of time is spent in redoing the entire work or a lot of money is wasted on trying to recover or get a backup of these files.

Now this issue with files having long pathnames is eliminated as this new tool can manage files with pathnames up to 32000 characters. So the troubling of shortening the file names is eliminated. This tool is very easy to use. One can get it from the internet and this tool can even be used offline.

Long Path Tool is supported by almost all operating systems, like Windows 95, 98, 2000, XP, vista, 7, 8, Windows Me, Windows Server 2008, and so on. Once this tool is downloaded and installed, an icon appears in the desktop. It is very user-friendly and its basic usage is to handle files with long pathnames. All the files can be managed in a single pop-up window where all the files can be easily renamed, copied and deleted.

Help at hand

This problem of long pathnames can prove to be very problematic and can also result in necessary jobs getting aborted. There are two solutions to this problem: manual and automated. The manual solution is very complicated and the chances of errors are very high. Whereas, the automated solution is not that complicated and requires the use of tools or softwares. Numerous softwares were developed to overcome this problem, but most of them proved to be ineffective and expensive. Hence, when the Long Path Tool was developed and launched, it proved to be very easy to use, time-effective and very cheap too.

Features of the tool

The function of Long Path Tool is not only restricted to handling long pathnames, but also it is helpful in other ways. For example, it can be used when errors like “cannot read from source file or disk” and so on.  This tool is very smooth and easy for handling such errors. It has a limit of 32000 characters for the pathnames of files.

Its basic function is copying, renaming and deletion of files having long pathnames. It can detect files from mapped network folders and can delete the locked files. It eases the unlock process and can also delete files after rebooting. It can prove very beneficial for all those systems which have problem with long file pathnames and makes it easy to handle such files.


Long Path Tool has many advantages over other expensive softwares doing the same task. It is very user-friendly as it allows easy handling of files with long pathnames. It is very cheap and can be used very smoothly. It can be used without any kind of internet connectivity. It conserves time as it prevents us from re-doing the entire work. It also lets us create a backup so it saves time as it can be easily accessed at any time. Other notable features includes its usage for errors other than related to long file pathnames. It is supported by all Windows operating systems. It can also detect files with long filenames and can produce a list of it. As it provides an easy backup of the files and hence, it is ensured that no files are lost during the procedure.


From the above listed features, it is pretty clear that this tool is very easy to use and is very cost effective compared to the lot of task it performs. It is very user-friendly as it can be used on any Windows operating system and it allows very easy handling (copying, renaming and deleting) of files. It has created a standard for similar softwares in the market. It is a simple software which has made handling of files with long pathnames very easy and super-fast. It eliminated the trouble of keeping short pathnames for files. Never has file management been so easy and smooth earlier.

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6