Long Path Tool usage

Long Path Tool can be used if you are facing issues with files or folders in a windows based computer. Some of the typical error messages that are displayed while performing file or folder related commands include ‘error deleting file or folder’, ‘there has been a sharing violation’, ‘source path too long delete’, ‘the file is in use by another program or user’ and ‘the path you entered is too long. Enter a shorter path’. The Long path tool will simplify the usage of your computer. You will not get any file related error messages as all error messages are dealt in an efficient manner.

The tool is designed to overcome the barriers set by the windows based operating systems. You cannot delete or perform file related operation if the length of the file or the path name is above 255 characters. The Long path tool gives you the flexibility to work up to 32000 characters. It will manage, unlock and rename files in an efficient manner. If you come across filename invalid, path too long and unable to delete files, the long path tool is the best tool for your needs. It works like one stop solution for all your file related issues.

You will also find the application very useful when you come across situations like ‘sharing violation’, ‘cannot read from source file or disk’, ‘invalid filename’. After downloading long path tool through online, you will save the settings in the computer. The program has compatibility with various windows OS versions right from Windows 95 to Windows 7. The easy to use interface will list all files and folders and you will be able to accomplish all tasks without any difficulty. You will not want to go through special system requirements to use the long path tool. The tool is simple and efficient in handling various file related errors.

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6