Long Path Tool- ultimate tool to get rid of path too long errors

Fed up with the annoying path too long errors on your computer screen? You don’t need to scratch your head anymore. You have a perfect and definite solution to get rid of these errors. It maybe destination path too long, cannot delete the file, access denied, file in use on other program or something on sharing violation, Long Path Tool got it all covered.

The never ending error windows will finally close and never appear again.  You’d not be stopped from unlocking, deleting, copying or renaming files with long path names. Regardless of the windows updates and new releases of windows OS, these errors keep on haunting the users. By using the Long Path tool you’ll be relieved about your system functioning better and allowing you to manage the files efficiently.

The error messages usually occur when the files are named with 255 or more characters. If at all you think on changing the filenames and managing them it’d be a difficult task when handling files in bulk. This is where Long Path tool helps the user to handle the particular scenario. The tool can be used with any of the Windows OS versions.

Moreover the tool can also resolve the problems of cannot read from the disk or file, cannot delete the folder and file name is too long. This is a great universal solution to many problems associated with managing files. The user can use the application through a sleek interface and it doesn’t interrupt or distract the user from other tasks. The performance of the system also remains unaffected. It uses minimal amount of primary memory and disk space. Long Path Tool can handle files up to 32,000 characters. Overall this is a versatile application and is very much recommended to deal with managing files and folders.

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6