Long path tool – the versatile software

The Long path tool is the most efficient file manager of a computer system. This software can be easily downloaded and is very easy to use. This program can be easily installed on the PC. Once this software is installed managing files of large sizes will be hassle-free. The Long path tool can be used easily even by those who are non-technical by profession.  This software program provides the quickest access to files and the task of file management is made easier as well as fastest by this utility. The interface of this tool  is the easiest as well as the most intuitive. The system acquires speed when this software is installed and the system set-up attains an easy-to-use status.

Long path tool – the best solution to file management hurdles

The files that have unusually long names create problems at the time of copying, deletion, unlocking and renaming. The Long path tool ensures the best solution to all these problems pertaining to file management. Long path tool simplifies the entire task of file management. It is a highly innovative and technically much advanced software program that ensures quick solution to all the problems pertaining to the files with abnormally long names. The difficulty to manage the files with long names is a very common problem and while using the latest versions of Internet Explorer and FAR also these problems are severe. The only permanent solution to all these inherent problems of files with long names is installing Long path tool with its utility in the system. The various error alerts such as ‘cannot delete files’, ‘destination path too long’ etc. can be effectively prevented by providing the system with this innovative software.

Long path tool – the most compatible software with amazing features

The long path tool is quite compatible with Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Vista, 2000 and NT. This software utility is the most effective in clearing the hurdles due to disturbing error messages such as ‘file name too long’, ‘cannot delete file’, ‘filename not valid’, ‘cannot read from source file’, ‘sharing violation’ and ‘destination file in use’ etc. With the installation of Long path tool renaming, deletion, opening and moving of any file in the system become 100% hassle-free and there will be no more error messages. It is incredibly simple and easy to use this software in the system. Just one click on the http://Long path tool.com icon on the desktop is sufficient to open a window that enables the user to view all the files. All the files will be accessible easily as well as quickly thanks to Www.Long path tool.com.

In the case of files with more than 255 characters in the filename, accessing, deleting and renaming of the file used to be much complicated tasks. But this software utility easily manages file names with characters up to a maximum of 32000. The tool is also an effective guard against spam and unsolicited emails. A strict anti spam policy is another interesting feature of this program. This software blocks unsolicited emails from the user’s account. Email subscriber listings of third parties cannot be sold, given on lease or rented when the system is provided with this software. The user-friendly method of using and its reliability make Long path tool a versatile software utility.

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6