Long Path Tool: The much-needed solution

Long Path Tool: The much-needed solution

‘The path too long’, ‘The address you provided cannot be reached’ and ‘invalid command’ are some of the errors that are given by every computer. Most of the general public has no idea what to do with this and just leave the work be. We face difficulties while deleting and launching programs which results in problems and issues with the system. Now we have the perfect solution to the problem. Long Path Tool is one software that is designed to cater to these very problems. Its database is simply put and easy to use and is helpful for every person whether they are computer experts or not.

All of our search, deletion, copying and managing problems can now be solved with Long Path Tool. Windows cannot delete or edit pathnames more than 256 characters long. It is one of the drawbacks of Microsoft explorer. However, Long Path Tool is much more efficient than that. It can easily work with pathnames that are 32,000 characters long and fix all of our problems the same way. The files are under our command and easily managed through this.

Some of its special features are that it is easy to use or in other words extremely user-friendly. It has quite a number of options to use and while its design is still small and compact. It works with amazing speed to recover, remove and rename documents for you and is compatible to be used with all operating systems whether they are Windows, Linux or some other. Another admirable feature of it is the deletion of locked programs and files and even files that are from mapped network systems. It has a very advances search option and can find files however long the path may be.

This program simplifies and deals with all of your problems and has been designed with the sole purpose to counter paths that are more than the Windows capacity of 256 characters. It is made to be of utmost help to you while designed with a unique and speedy interface. You can easily get started with this tool. All you have to do is download it on your system and launch it. Next thing you know, all your system related problems that were difficult for you to handle and get rid of, are solved.

So then what are you waiting for? Just download the tool and get started with all that you need to do without hurdles and interference. No file of yours will now be lost. Whether they are hidden folders or long addresses, nothing is out of your reach. It can also be generally used as a search tool as any shortcut that you enter on this tool can lead you accurately to the destination folder of the original file. Another advantage and helpful idea we derived for you is the right click method. Without even launching Long Path Tool, just right click on the file and click on the long path icon, it would send the file directly to the software. Not just this, it also remembers the previous paths you went to and help you re-launch or reuse the file. Whenever you open Long Path, it would open to the page you were last using helping you in another way.

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6