Long Path Tool- The Error Fixer

Every computer user must have come across file errors. Some get the ‘file in use’ error while some get the ‘long path name’ error. Apparently these are all bugs and were created unintentionally by the programmers of the Windows operating system. Actually, Windows doesn’t allow the modification of files and folders which have path names of 255 characters and more. But the system itself gives longer names to the files and folders to make them accessible from many locations and shortcuts. This attempt to simplify the files and folders created another major problem in turn. That is the long destination name error.

The irritating problem with such files is that normally we cannot delete, copy or even rename them. Let alone the Windows explorer, even the FAR manager cannot help with this problem. But don’t worry, the Long Path Tool can manage it easily. It is the dream tool that we all were waiting for. Even when Windows itself failed to solve the bug, people had lost all hopes but with this tool, all hopes were regained and nobody cared if Windows brought out a fix to it or not. The Long Path Tool is very powerful and more than efficient in solving all the major file and folder errors. It is very very light on system and you will be surprised to know that it weighs less than 2MB in size! It is a big dynamite in a small packet!

The Long Path Tool showcases and nice and clean and effectively simplistic user interface which will make it look like a child’s play. But no, seriously, it really is a child’s play to fix the file errors with the help of the Long Path Tool. Its file-scanning speed is amazing and it processes and scans the longest file names in just a few moments. It can run on any version of Windows and requires negligible space to sit. It can delete long path name files along with the system locked files and can rename and copy them also. It can unload the locking process and help with the deletion of deep destination files after reboot.

The Long Path Tool doesn’t have just a single function. It boasts of a plethora of functions hidden in its small packaging. But having said that, do not judge it by its size. It will amaze you with its capabilities. So you ask what all can it do? Every error that you can think of can be fixed by this big daddy. No other tool has been able to do it before this tool came along our way. Do you get an error while copying files or folders? Or do you get errors during deleting them. Worry not. Let the Long Path Tool do the hard work for you and all you need to do is sit back and just do some simple clicks. Sometimes the paths are so long and complicated that we don’t even get to know when a software or a function of Windows is using that folder. When we try to open it or delete it, the error shows up as ‘file already open’ or ‘file in use’. This creates a confusing situation many times for the users as they don’t even realise that the file is open. The Long Path Tool can also solve this problem. It detects the problem and closes the application which is using the file or the folder so that you can access it and modify it as per your needs.

The Long Path Tool makes solving all these errors a breeze, seriously. And now you must be thinking to yourself that how are you going to use such a complicated tool. Well, even an eleven-year old can use this tool. It is very simple and clear with its functions which makes it extremely user-friendly. You don’t need to be a computer expert or some computer hacker to use this too. All you need is just some minutes with it and then you will have known it inside out! Now your next question must be whether it will support your computer or not. Well, Long Path Tool is made for all kind of a software. It can run on literally any version of Windows operating systems. All it needs is just 200 megabytes of RAM and a decent processor speed. Even if you are running a Windows 98 computer in 2014, you need not worry as even your computer can enjoy the benefits of this tool, truly. Let’s just sum up all that it contains. Its small, check. It can do everything, check. It can run on any computer, check. It can be used by everyone, check. Its free forever, check. So what are you waiting for? Go download this super tool and make your computer files error free!

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6