Long path tool – the best Manager

The Long path tool is software that is the best in its class for most common file management errors that windows systems experience. These are apt for the errors that state the lo0ng path name that interferes with the editing and management of the files and folders. At such a stage you can research on the appearing errors to find them to be of such a category that can be solved by this software. The errors may be of the forms that do not allow you to copy, rename, delete, move and unlock files and folders successfully stating the path long message. All these errors can be handled well by simply visiting http://LongPathTool.com to be able to download this software. It is designed to assist you for being able to access the files for editing them for the above stated actions.

Finding errors

You may use your computer successfully and with a good amount of knowledge about the same. But some errors that appear are beyond your knowledge considering you may not know about it. These errors that signify the path length of the file to be too long are system based with the character limit applying. Your file which may be opened and managed and is not affected by a virus may also show this error. Hence this distinction is necessary to understand that it is not a system or a file based error but just the inability of the system to handle such a long path name. It is just this that prevents you from doing actions like renaming, copying, unlocking etc. in the files. Some of the errors being, error copying file or folder, path name is too long, the file is in use by another computer or program, Cannot delete file or folder, Specify a different file name, The file name specified is not valid or too long etc. All these errors must make you understand the significance and must take you to the right solution of the path long tool.

Tackling errors

Once you have downloaded and installed the long path tool software you need not worry about the character limit of the path name to be a problem as the software allows an internal character limit of 32, 000 characters. You just have to agree to the settings they enable on your system to make the files manageable. The software gives you an interface to manage all the long path name files and folders. These are visible through the interface and can be managed with all the possible actions of copying, renaming, moving and unlocking. These files are not outside the computers but are just being managed through the software. This is done for the error of long path name to not appear and disturb the process of file management. Sometimes it is a problem working with your files as these errors refuse to be able to rename and open the locked files. These difficult errors can all be handled and eliminated in operations on all windows platforms by the long path tool software found on www.longpathtool.com.

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6