Long path tool – the best file management utility

It is not uncommon to encounter error messages while you are trying to copy, delete, or rename files in windows explorer or FAR.  In situations as these, you can not perform the task no matter how many times you have entered the command.  The file or folder will simply refuse to be copied, renamed or deleted.  You may take it to be a mischief caused by some virus.

However, such messages are a typical aspect of the file or folder name being too long and not a mischief caused by some virus which has infected your system.

Types of error messages that you may encounter in such cases

  • The path is too long
  • Unable to delete file: unable to read from disk or source file
  • Access is denied: unable to delete file
  • A sharing violation
  • The source file or destination file seems to be in use
  • Cannot delete folder or file:  The specified file name is too long.  Specify another short file name.
  • Error in deleting a folder or file.
  • The file or folder is currently in use by another user or program.
  • Please make sure that the disk is not write-protected or full and also that the file is not currently in use.
  • Error in copying folder or file.
  • Can not remove a folder
  • The extension or file name is too long.
  • The destination path is too long
  • The path is too deep
  • Could not find this item.
  • The filename is not valid
  • Unable to access file.
  • The path entered is too long.  Please enter a short path.
  • The file name is not found.  Please check spelling of the file name and verify that the file location is correct.

The logic behind

Your system cannot recognize files longer than 256 characters, and this is referred to as path too long error.  However, you can use programs that can resolve this problem and handle long path names subject a limit of 32000 characters which is windows internal limit.

Long path tool

This is a program that helps you to simplify file or folder names which have been considered to be too long by your system.  This can put an end to problems with unlocking, renaming or managing files with long path names.  The tool is compatible with all windows operating systems.

Installing this program will help you to have an interface where you can perform the tasks smoothly without the worry of not being able to manage files or folders.

Benefits of long path tool

  • It is the best utility available in the market to manage files.  If files are locked and you cannot rename, move or delete files, the long path tool can identify the running program and resolve the issue.
  • The file search is quite fast.
  • You do not need to have any special system configuration.
  • Even deletes files locked by the system
  • Can even delete files from mapped network folders
  • Shows files having more than 200 characters
  • Closes the application that is using the target file

So, download the most efficient file management tool from http://LongPathTool.com and relieve the worry of managing files and folders.

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6