Long Path Tool- Suited for every operating system

Long Path Tool- Suited for every operating system

The long path tool is the best when it comes for solving destination folder issues. And guess what, you do not need to worry if the software is suited or not for your operating system because it is easy to go with every OS. So, you can download the software without any prior thought. Go ahead and download it to see for files having issues of long destination address. You can use this software with every version of the Windows Operating System. Be it Windows 95 or be it Windows 98, you do not need to think twice before using our program. This software is tailor-made for all of them including the Windows Server 2000, 2003, 2008 and 2012.

Using the Software:

Very often does one happen to face a problem when it comes to dealing with files which have destination addresses lasting more than two hundred and fifty five characters. This software will be a very valuable help when it is needed to delete or copy or rename these very files. The software finds great utility in these type of events where it is really convenient and ridiculously easy to use.

The software will also allow you to get a handle of things if you come to face error messages which tell that you cannot read the source file from your hard disk or the message might say that the file is already in use by another user. This software can help in choosing the appropriate solution for all of these issues by allowing you an easy access to all these files which were totally out of access before. The software will be very easily accessible once you browse through our website and you can actually take heart from the fact that the interface too is pretty simple. So even if you are a beginner or a newbie when it comes to computers, you do not have to actually think too much about this problem. The interface will guide you to the processes which you need to pull for taking the care of all your problems. It is self-explanatory and you will not have to go and learn any extra set of skills for using this.

This software is very apt when you come to encounter problems related with long path destination errors. And you do not have to do anything more than going for our program which you can download at our site longpathtool.com. The process will happen in matter of seconds and then you can go on installing the program and you will be ready to have a go at the file which has been causing you problems. After installation you can go on and click at the Long Path tool Icon which will guide you to your windows explorer. There you can look for the corrupted file and take care of it. The Long Path tool allows you to do so in a very efficient yet easy manner, so that you do not need to pull your hair from the head if you happen to encounter this problem.

The software will allow the safety of your drives by keeping your junk files at bay as you can delete the garbage by using this handy tool of ours. You can also avoid the need to format your disk to care of the unaccesible and still bugging issues. This would help you in taking care of your system and will also help you in having that bit of breathing space which is needed after periods of frustrations caused by the problems with electronic goods.

Connecting with us:

If there are any bugs which you happen to encounter while using our program or if there are some modifications which you happen to like for this software, do feel free to ping us. Drop us your ideas and suggestions at Support@Long PathTool.com. Also do not hesitate in asking any support from us. For that too, you can use the provided link above. We will be more than delighted to hear and work for your queries here at Long Path tool.

We also believe in providing our users with updates and messages regarding the use of our software. This facility is extended to even those users who happen to use the trial version of the Long Path tool software. You can just leave the link of your email address with us and rest assured that any modification and update will not go amiss from you.

So from now on, you do not need to go into depression as you see your windows responding with that all familiar error message. Just follow the route through your Long Path tool and you will be finding yourself taking care of the bug that happened to bug you.

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6