Long Path Tool – Software with a solution

If you have been using computers for different purposes, then at some point of time during your experience of using the computer you would have encountered a message from the Windows popping up on your computer screen “Error 1320. The specified path is too long”. If no, then think again. If yes, then there must be more of such messages that you may have come across. Some of them have been listed here:-

  • Path too long

  • Error can’t delete folder or file: disk or file source can’t be read

  • Sharing violation has been observed

  • Destination file or folder is in use by some other program

  • Error removing file or specified folder

  • File you selected cannot be deleted. The file name specified is too long or not valid.

  • Error in copying the specified folder or file

  • Destination path is too long

  • File name is not valid

Apart from the above mentioned messages or problems, there are various that could have been talked about in same respect. Sometimes the frequency of such messages popping up on the window becomes too rapid and indeed becomes irritating.

Long path tool is a good solution to the above mentioned problems. The software is well designed and optimized with an aim to provide specific solution with respect to the above mentioned problems and many others that have not been highlighted here. Its interface is very easy to use with an eloquent way of installation on the computer. It has a number of options for the users in order to provide him with the salient options with respect to the problems he is facing in respect of the files he is operating. The best feature of the long path tool is that it does not give any special system requirements and do not occupy much disk space. It provides following specific options:-

  • Deletion

  • Copying

  • Renaming

  • Deleting locked files

  • List paths and files that have more than two hundred characters file path

  • Close the applications that uses such files

  • Ease out the locking process

With such features available in the best possible price in the time when the software industry is getting more expensive with each passing day, long path tool offers its customers a first-hand experience of the product. Its good aesthetics and user friendly design helps the user get used to the software at the very first instant.

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6