Long Path Tool Software

Long Path Tool Software

Facing problems in unlocking, deleting, and remaining files that possess long filenames?

Facing long time errors and unable to find a solution for those nasty files?


Long Path tool is highly reliable software which automatically deletes file or folders that have longer paths and undetermined destination. The software is highly recommended to all computer users who are facing long time problem in getting rid of files. It is easy to use and delete the file from its root directory. These problems are annoying and cannot be permanently solved manually.

Also, it helps you to copy the files which come with error message of access denied and many more errors that annoys you and gets on your nerves.

Salient features of the software are:

  • A user friendly interface
  • Extremely simple to use.
  • Quickly scans the infected folder or file.
  • Suitable for all windows version such as 95/98/2000/2003/XP/Vista.
  • Rapidly deletes files with longer path and file names.
  • Easily deletes system path files.
  • Manages defected files and folders up to 32000 characters.
  • Modifies the folder and file paths.
  • Completely closes the application that uses the file.
  • Gives a long lasting solution.

Steps taken by software to permanently delete the problem folder are as follows:3

  • Download the software from the website link provided http://longpathtool.com/
  • Select the folder to be deleted.
  • As you delete the selected folder, you are not able to delete it.
  • Open the longpathtool program.
  • Select the folder to be deleted in the program.
  • Locate it and press the Delete button; a message is displayed to confirm the deletion.
  • On choosing the Yes button; the problem folder is deleted from the root directory.
  • The file gets deleted.

Steps taken by software to rename a problem folder are as follows:

  • Select the folder to be renamed in the longpathtool program.
  • Choose the Rename button; the message box is displayed confirming the renaming of the folder.
  • Enter the new name for the folder and choose the Rename button.
  • As a result, the folder is provided with a new name.

So, this software gives you an easier way to solve the errors faced through the program. It does give an effective and permanent solution to simple problems. It is a complete program that is desired and a requirement for every computer savvy. The software is highly effective and best suited to all operating systems.

The software can be downloaded for free 30 day trial from the website. After the first download, the email updates and news are sent via emails to the respective accounts of client. Also, the latest applications links are provided through email notifications.

Give Your Shot And Download The Software As Soon As Possible!


Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6