Long Path Tool Review

Long Path Tool is software that has a specific ability which is to solve the problem of unlocking, renaming, and opening long path file. For those who don’t know what long path files is, long path file is a particular files or folder that cannot be access or deleted in any way. User also cannot change its name because every time user tries to do so, system will show you error message that said “files name too long” or others message such as “file name is invalid” and “error deleting file and folder”. Long Path Tool is available for users who use Microsoft Windows OS from Windows 95 to Windows 8.

Long Path Tool comes with many great ability that user can expected from this kind of software. This software is made base on easy-to-use concept that ensure everyone can use it without encounter any difficulty. It has a really simple interface with well-placed options. User also can expect fast scanning speed that able to located long path files and folder accurately even if the files/folders have more than 200 characters on its name. Long Path Tool cans also delete, rename, and unlocking any file from system files to files that come from mapped network folders. This particular software also capable to force close any kind application that using those problematic files. Last but not least, Long Path Tool comes with portable version which means this software will leave no trace in windows registry and also can be put in USD Flash Drive and use it in other computers without need to install it first.

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6