Long Path Tool: Redefining System Management

The Long Path Tool is innovative and creative software system that will assist you in solving problems of managing, unlocking and renaming folders and files that appear to have a long file name. Most file names that are more than 255 characters will send out an error message to your system. This will prevent you from being able to manage them. There is nothing worse than having something in your computer that you cannot work with or remove when you need to.

Due to the fact there have been so many issues with users experiencing error messages when they are attempting to access their folders, or work with files that have too many characters, a program needs to be created to give the user more managing power. Long Path Tool will also help users who experience various error messages alerting them that a file name is too long. This ingenious software program has been designed to replace the Windows Explorer, as well as other ineffective managing tools that you may have tried. It is compatible with almost every operating system that you may use, including Windows 95.

Long Path Tool is effective at assisting with errors that include sharing violation errors, destination file may be in use error, cannot read from source file errors and the file name specified is not valid. Long Path tool has been specifically designed to help eliminate any problems a user has managing their files with an interface that is user friendly and sleek. This newly designed software is able to handle any path name that has a long file name, including names that are over 30,000 characters.

Not only is using the software convenient and easy, but installing it is a breeze. Long Path Tool can be quickly installed onto any home or office computer, as well as laptops. Once the program is downloaded you may want to consider adding an icon for the program on your desktop so you always know where to locate the file. When you receive one of these pesky error messages, you will click on the icon and be taken to a new window that will allow you to work with whatever file you need to. The process is quick, easy, convenient and worry free. Long Path Tool will give you access to managing files that have been trapped in your system. It’s a new software that gives you freedom.

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6