In this era, a computer or any sort of similar portable device is a necessity in everyone’s lives.be it a student or someone who goes to work every day, a computer cannot be done without. This is why when a problem, technical or otherwise occurs life seems to come to a stop. Thus everything must be done to ensure that all is well inside one’s computer and there is a least chance of their being any issues resulting in numerous discrepancies and what nots.one concern is that of the computer getting slow, and there being glitches in saving new files. This is because there is less disk space and the computer gets harrowed while looking for the correct space. Thus it is necessary that the big unnecessary files and programs are deleted from the computer in order to keep the computer free of space. Long Path Tool is a program which is designed to remove the blocked and long path files from your pc.in this article we will be telling you all about it and the advantages it has to offer.

Long Path Tool program is a compact and convenient application.it leaves no trace on the Windows Registry and being portable can be easily copied to flash drives or any other devices. This is especially handy when one is travelling and wants to smoothen things up in the pc they use without having to download the application again and again. All one has to do is download the application in their own computer once and then copy it to a portable device and carry it with them wherever they go.

The Long Path Tool program is very user friendly and has a very well defined menu with options written clearly for the user to understand on the first go. The main window is uncluttered and allows the person using the program to perform more than one function at the same time. The program gives one direct access to all the files and folders on the computer, and thus one can choose the files they want to have removed and delete them. Furthermore, a person can set limits on the size of files they are looking for. The Long Path Tool looks for all the files of that size and larger and displays them in a list for its user to browse through. The person then has the option to either delete the files or copy them to someplace else or on another device altogether. Everyone makes mistakes, and sometimes a person may delete a file by mistake which they intended to keep. Unlike some programs the Long Path Tool moves the files it deletes to the recycle bin and doesn’t remove them permanently, so one can retrieve a file if it was erased by mistake.

Then there are some files which one is unable to delete or access no matter how hard they try. This is extremely frustrating because it takes up unnecessary disk space and slows down the working of the computer. Then there are some cases when you aren’t allowed to rename a file or move it to a different location. These are all diverse messages which appear while one uses their pc. The Long Path Tool simplifies these files or their names in cases when the computer says the file name is too large. Many people don’t know what to do when they encounter such an issue and more often than not they just leave the file alone and let it take up the space it does. The Long Path Tool program helps ease the problem and takes care of it much more efficiently and smoothly then the person himself might have done. Other types of error messages which may be displayed are ‘cannot read from source file or disk’, ‘file is in use by another program’, ‘filename not valid’ and many others.

Being user friendly is one of its greatest advantages. There are no special skills required to use the program and thus any one will be able to use the program without encountering any sorts of difficulties.it is an exceptionally consistent software which is able to delete and block the big path files easily and by requiring minimal effort.it is a program which can be mastered by people who are already accomplished computer experts or those who are just beginners when it comes to the field of computer science. Thus we can safely say that the Long Path Tool is a proficient package which helps in the smooth running of your computer and also helps in keeping it clean of all sorts of unnecessary data. Also as it doesn’t require any special skills to be learned for its usage anyone can use the program ranging from a mere worker to a specialist in the computer field.

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6