Long path tool – No more nightmares on error messages

One of the most annoying thing while working on deadlines is typing a long file and an error message pops up in your computer saying error in the path, it’s even more frustrating to go through each and every word of that really long file name to end up in an error of just missing a symbol.  Everybody who have bulk amount of files in sub folders and sub folders would have experienced this difficulty while accessing, managing or renaming the files. For these users long path software is a boon. Tool is the older version and now it has been updated to Long Path Error Fixer. The latest update on this software was made in November 2014

When you really need long path software?

When an user wants to edit,move ,install or share any file and your heart breaks when you see the dialog box saying the file is copy write protected ,destination path too long and you don’t have the right to do so. You try to change file name, or delete it and put all your brains to find a solution and finally all your efforts will end in vain. You will land up asking Google to find a solution for you. The solution is long path tool.

Scenarios where you can think of long path tool?

The usual error messages where long path software will be helpful are path is too long, access denied, cannot delete the file, there has been a sharing violation, error while creating file, time out period has expired, the file is already in use, the disk is full, file extension is too long, unable to create folder, deletion pending and file name is long

About the Software

This software helps to manage files/folders in a more systematic and efficient way. The error messages no longer stays as a nightmare for users. It is available as a free trial version as well as a shareware. Users of the free trial versions cannot enjoy the benefits as much as registered users. The registered users can delete/copy/rename files/folders.

You don’t need to be a skilled technical person to use this software. This software is very easy to use with its simple interface. All you have to do is download the software from the official site or source site, install in your personal computer and enjoy its benefits. The official site is longpathtool.com. After installing, create an icon for the Long Path Tool on your desktop for easy access. Each time you would like to manage files that have a long filename all you need to do is to click the icon and it will instantly direct you.

This tool is very easy to use. There is a tutorial video in the official site which explains how to copy, delete and manage files/folders with this tool. So it becomes convenient for any user and does not required any prior knowledge or experience in this software

Free updates as well as free support are provided to all users. The users receive updates as well as news about latest application through emails.

Renaming file or deleting files is just a matter of few steps. With the long path tool you have to go to the directory of the file to be renamed or deleted. Then just rename your destination folder or delete or paste or perform whatever function you need to do. Thus you don’t need to be scared of any error messages.

Key features of software

  • User friendly with simple interface and variety of options
  • Saves a good amount of time with its faster folder/file scanning
  • No specific requirements for your PC
  • Compatible with any version of windows
  • No more error messages
  • Can delete files which are blocked/protected /locked by system
  • Can delete network folders which are mapped
  • Can copy, rename, list files in less time
  • You can manage path names up to 32000 characters


This software helps you to manage to your folders. You will be surprised at the number of files having filenames more than 256 characters after using this tool. This software helps you to save a lot of space in your hardware. You will no longer face frustrating error messages while deleting, copying or editing any file or folder. Thus this software is a simple, convenient and easy tool for all.

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6