Long Path Tool – Modify any file without problems

Long Path Tool – Modify any file without problems

Computers might be seen as modern libraries or shelves. They can storage thousands of files and folders of any type. Yet every computer has a storage limit. This limit it is very important for the good performance of the operating system which is found on any computer. If the operating system does not find enough space on the hard drive it will not be able to provide good managing of its functions. This is why, from time to time, users must clean or free the space of the hard disk.

Sometimes users might find themselves in the situation of not being able to delete same files and folders. They receive all kind of messages which will apprise them that there has been made an error and the action cannot be completed. These messages are sent by Windows through its error reporting function. This function is activated by Windows when the system finds an error that it cannot manage and warn with the help of it the users of the existence of the problem. Most frequently these errors occur when it is exceeded the limit of 32.000 of characters which is set on Windows. When this happens users will receive messages like”Make sure the disk is not full or write-protected”, “Make sure that the file is not currently in use.” or “Windows Delete Path Too Long”. There are more error messages like the above examples, we just told you three of them.

When this messages are sent to users by Windows than it is more than recommended to search a tool which could help you to manage the problematic files. The manual methods are not precise and sure, especially when it comes about computers connected by a network like those from companies. Windows offers an online tool called Long Path Tool. This software is easy to use. It has a friendly interface with clean options. It is able to find all the files from the computer. More than that the Long Path Tool does not consider the limit of characters of Windows, this is why it is able to provide easy and fast managing of the problematic files and folders.

The Long Path Tool is available online. After the installation of this software all that users have to do is to open it, find the files they could not rename, delete or modify and apply the desired action. They will experience easy managing of files without receiving error messages from Windows. This way the problem will disappear and the hard drive will be cleaned off from the unnecessary files.

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6