Long Path Tool – Making Files Easier To Manage

Long Path Tool – Making Files Easier To Manage

Despite the use of the latest versions of Windows Explorer or FAR Manager in the management of files; deleting, copying and even renaming files can prove to be a problem due to the limited number of characters that are available for use in these programs.

It is common to see errors such ‘destination path too long’, ‘file name too long’, ‘Source Path Too Long Delete’, ‘Path too long installer unable to modify path’, etc. while performing the above mentioned functions. The reason for this is that Windows Explorer or FAR does not have the ability to delete copy or rename any file that is longer than the standard 256 characters. If any such attempt is made a ‘path too long’ error or one similar to it is seen. Examples are:

  • Error cannot delete file: cannot read from source file or disk
  • There has been a sharing violation
  • File cannot be copied
  • Filename is invalid

Normal file management systems do not store a file directly in the destination folder. Instead, a file that needs to be saved has to take a long and exhausting route through the system so that it can be accessed from multiple locations. Unfortunately, in this process, file management programs such as Windows Explorer tend to make a particular file’s destination path too lengthy.  This leads to the computer not being able to copy, rename or delete the file as the path is longer than the acceptable limit.

However, thankfully, the ‘long path tool’ presents a solution to this problem. It can handle path names of any length, even as long as the Windows internal limit of 32,000 characters. It has many great features that make it a must-have for every Windows user.

Firstly, is easy to use. It has been designed to provide a user friendly and simple interface that also gives a solid amount of options. The long path folder/files scanning are fast processes. Also, it works on most of the Windows platforms (Windows 95, Windows 98, Me / NT / 2000 / 2003 / XP / Vista / Windows Server 2000 / Windows Server 2003 / Windows Server 2008 / Windows Server 2012 / Windows 7 / Windows 8). This makes it accessible to every user. Long Path Tool also allows the deletion, copying and renaming of files of any length. It even can delete system locked files and those from mapped networks.

Getting this software is easy. It is available for download online. Subsequently, its settings have to be saved. An icon can be created on the desktop to provide easy access. Whenever files (which when managed previously gave the errors ‘destination path too long’ or ‘file name too long’) that exceed 256 characters need to be modified all that needs to be done is to click the icon and the user will be directed to a window where all modification options are available, with no restriction, that is, no threat of error messages that prove to be a headache. This program accesses all folders and files instantly and has no special system requirements. This enables it to function on all platforms with equal effectiveness. Another desirable feature in the Long Path Tool is its ability to scan long file names and even unlock files that were locked by other systems.

What many users admire about this program is the free updates that are available for even those that are on a free trial version of the software. The free customer support that is available round the clock for any user facing any sort of difficulty is also appreciated immensely.

One of its most positive features is that it is free to download. An online link is available to everyone. This permits many people to download and try it out free of cost, which is a huge improvement on other such softwares that need to be purchased before they can be used. People who download are usually impressed by the effectiveness and versatility of the software and may recommend it to their friends. The company also deems it their responsibility to personally keep their customers up to date. They accomplish this by sending regular emails to their users making them aware of the latest advancements in the software that should be checked out.

The limited ability of the native Windows Explorer and FAR Manager in editing files with long file paths and names was an issue which needed to be solved as quickly as possible. Fortunately, this need was met through the Long Path tool which has now developed into a necessity for every person who uses a PC. Its main strengths are its simplicity, effectiveness and versatility. It was the first of its kind of softwares, and thus its creation can be classified as a breakthrough, which ushered in a whole new system of file management and modification.

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6