Long Path Tool is one of the most effective software

Long Path Tool is one of the most effective software that is capable to boost the speed of your computer by deleting blocked and unwanted files from your PC. It helps users to flash out all documents and clean up their computers’ memory from useless documents. The best thing about this software is that it is portable and can be copied into a USB so that you can easily carry it wherever you want and remove long path files within a breeze!

The major window is modest that lets users to accomplish a number of objectives with only a few clicks. Users have direct access to the folders and files present in their computers. Therefore, you can conveniently browse for and choose the files you want to delete.

Furthermore, Long Path Tool offers an efficient built in search engine which is capable to scan your computer and gives paths having name length bigger than that of certain values. You can also transfer the generated results to a plain text. Moreover, the chosen files and folders can be copied, deleted or removed to another directory as well.

Normally, you need to use this software when:

–  You have to path a long time

–  Errors can’t read files

–  Filenames are not valid

–  Files cannot be accessed

–  Names of files are found etc.

Among the important features of this software, it is necessary to point out that Long Path does not trash files permanently from the PC instead, it moves them from the present folder to Recycle Bin so that you can retrieve any of the important files which are deleted mistakenly.

When compared to other applications, Long Path Tool offers an understandable operating system without requiring its users to make any sort of configuration settings. You do not have to acquire any special skill to use it, even a less experienced person can efficiently work on it.

After considering all its factors, I can say that Long Path Tool is a reliable, flexible, easy to use and understandable software app that is capable to delete or remove the long path and blocked files from your PC within a few seconds with minimum efforts. It immediately transforms itself according to your system requirements and makes it compatible with your computer’s needs. Right after installation, it becomes workable with the system and can be excelled by experts as well as beginners alike.

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6