Long Path Tool is best when facing problem with filenames

Long Path Tool is the best tool if you are facing problems in unlocking, copying, deleting or even renaming files whose filename is too long and exceeds the pre-defined limit of 255 characters. This tool is your solution to your encounters with error messages saying “too long path” or “path too long” or “cannot delete this file” or “destination oath too long”. It is a replacement for Windows Explorer, FAR etc as this is compatible with all the versions of Windows it Windows 2K , Windows XP , Vista , Windows 7×64 or even the latest  one i.e., Windows 8 version.

Other Features of Long Path Tool

Besides the above mentioned error messages we can use this tool to overcome the below mentioned error messages

  • Sharing violation
  • Source or destination may be in use
  • Invalid filename
  • File not found. Check spelling and location of the file
  • Check whether the disk is full or write-protected and make sure the file is not in use currently
  • Another program is using the same file
  • Error while copying the Folder or file
  • Error in deleting the Folder or file since the name is too long
  • The path entered is too long and asking you to enter a shorter path

This tool eliminates all these problems and thus provides us a smoother and a more user-friendly platform to work with since this program can handle pathnames up to an internal limit of 32,000 characters which is more than sufficient.


It is a very easy to use and hence falls under the category of user-friendly tools. You simply need to download this tool from the website http://LongPathTool.com and save the settings to your computer. Screenshots and other detailed information are also available on the website for your reference and support. Once the installation is complete you can create a desktop icon for a faster access. In order to manage your files and folders with an exceeding filenames click on the icon. A window pops up on your screen with all your files. You can rename, open, move, and delete your files easily without worrying about the error messages. It can be installed without any special overheads.


We can zero down that the Long path tool is definitely systematic, efficient and user-friendly software to overcome problems regarding the exceeding file name and related error messages. It can even be used to unlock files which have been locked by various other system processes; also it can be used to scan the computer to find files and folders which have filenames exceeding 255 characters.

Whenever an up gradation is done to the software or a new version is available or any other information related to the tool is available, free updates are sent to the users. The Long Path tool’s website http://LongPathTool.com also provides free trial versions to new users. All these updates help you manage your files easily and help in maintaining smooth working of your system. All these features add on in making this tool a convenient and permanent solution for effective management of files saving on your day.

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6