Long Path Tool introduction

Long Path tool is an application which is designed to get rid of the problems which arise due to long path and blocked path of files in your computer. Since this is program which is portable, hence it does not leave any trace in the registry and should you so require, you can easily copy this in any USB and transfer it to any desired location.

The main window of the program is minimal and hence allows you to perform several actions with a few clicks. You will have direct access to the files and folders that are stored in the computer thus enabling you to browse and delete the required file or folder.

Long Path Tool is also equipped with an in – built search engine which is able to scan the computer and display the path of the files or folders which have path name bigger than the specified value. The results generated can be converted to text and the selected files can be deleted, copied or removed to any other location from the program window itself.

One key feature of the Long Path Tool is that it does not delete any file or folder permanently and should you require the file, you can restore it very easily.

System Requirements

In order to install Long Path tool in your computer, the following conditions should be met

  • Minimum 3 MB space in the Hard Disk Drive
  • 1 MB space in RAM

Benefits of Long Path Tool

  • Easy to use feature which has nice and simple interface.
  • No special system requirements and is compatible with all types of Operating System.
  • Allows management of files and folders from a single location.
  • Can delete files which are locked by the system.
  • Can list files and paths which has path name longer than 200 characters.
  • In built search engine which shows all the folders and files with specific requirements.

Considering all the features, it can be concluded that Long Path Tool is reliable and easy to use software which is not only useful but also necessary in some cases. It does not occupy large space on your system and is really easy to remove. At the same time, it is easy to manage and helps you perform the regular functions in your computer much rapidly. Hence, should you ever need any software which will help you to organize your computer, you can try out Long Path Tool.

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6