Long path tool- goodbye to long path errors

Long path tool will bring an end to your problems on renaming, managing or unlocking the files. This usually happens while dealing with the files having long filenames. The problem is commonly encountered when the file has 255 characters or more. It can be renaming, managing, moving or any other file operations. These messages usually have short messages that are just the indicators and might not give any clue on solving the problem. Path too long, destination path too long, too long path or cannot delete the file are commonly observed problems.

The software can be installed and used in any of the Windows operating system even the earliest windows versions like 95, 2000, ME, and NT. How does Long Path Tool make your life easier? More than helping you manage the files with long path names, it also helps you tackle the errors like reading source files from the disk, sharing violations, deleting files and many other file managing errors. The software presents itself in a sleek interface by which you can access the files stored on the disk. The software can handle the files with filenames up to 32,000 characters. Where do I get the program and How to use it? The software can be downloaded from www.LongPathTool.com and customized based on your settings. The icon on the desktop or the star-up menu can be used to run the software through a separate window.

These problems can be solved on the windows prompt, but not everyone has the time or knowledge do it. A good alternative to this is using LongPathTool that solves these all by itself. Also on installing the software you are will provided with the regular updates. For further assistance you can email or contact the Long path tool team.

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6