Long Path tool: Freedom from error messages

Long Path tool: Freedom from error messages

Imagine you have a computer that is running on Windows 8 and you are busy working on an important file that you need to copy file in external drive and the bug comes as a pop up message in front of you. It says “path length have exceeded the maximum length. To add on to your bad luck it’s giving you only two options either to skip or cancel. You try to drain all your energy trying to do it again, with different file names. But error message keep popping up. The most frustrating moment for anybody!!And long path tool is the solution for this. Just in few clicks you are done with your work and you get freedom from error messages.

Long file names or LFN has been introduced with Windows 95 and before that the situation was even worse that the maximum character was even lesser number of characters. Till the latest version of windows, no solution has been found for the character limitation in file names. While users working on Unix, Linux or Mac OS support long file name. But the most widely used operating system Windows doesn’t support it. When an user have to type a real description of the contents of file as file name or may be one want to provide as much information in file name for the easy understanding of end user, they are limited by this number of 255. Windows is yet to find an answer for this bug.

When you encounter a problem?

The usual situations where we end up in error messages of path file too long or destination path too long are when you want to copy files between drives, copy downloaded files / internet explorer favorites from one location to other, entire contents of external hard drive to your local drive, within windows explorer or copying large files with hundreds of sub folders in it. Imagine when the whole process of copying gets terminated just because of one long file name. If that file is an important one then added on the fuel you will be left with only option of manually identifying the long file and reducing the length of your file name. Isn’t it a frustrating moment?

Common error messages where long path Tool came as a savior are file name is too long, large destination path, access is denied, the file is in use by another program or user, the file cannot be deleted, there has been a sharing violation, error while creating file, time out period has expired, no space in disk or disk is full, file extension is long, unable to create folder, deletion pending, file name exceeded the limit, Error 80/1 etc

Long path tool is easy to use software which helps you to copy, paste, delete and rename files with really long filenames. It is available free and can be downloaded from the source site. This software helps you to manage your files/folders in an efficient way and can systematically arrange them according to your wish. You don’t need to scare away from error messages anymore as long path tool makes it easy for all. The software can be downloaded from the site longpathtool.com. Many fake softwares are available so one should be aware that they choose the right one to enjoy all the features of this software. After downloading the software, you have install it in your system drive and then run it. It’s always better to create an icon on desktop for the easy access of software.

No technical skill or computer expertise is needed to work with this software. It has a very friendly simple interface which makes things easy for anybody. Also for those who experience any difficulty while using it, you can go through the tutorial video in the official site which will make you confident in working with long path tool software. The software up gradation messages and alerts will always be there in your emails so you don’t need to visit official site to check for updates

Long path tool makes you faster in copying, pasting or deleting files .It saves a good amount of your computer’s memory space. This software works well with any version of windows from Windows 95 to windows 7 or 32 bit to 64 bit ones. You get the liberty to put a file of your choice which can extent up to 32000 characters. This software has simple convenient interface. With this your computer will be free from error messages while copying/deleting files. Download and experience the difference yourself.

Download Long Path Tool — Version 5.1.6